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How to do dhikr ?

  1.  It is not simply a list of dhikr but you will see the importance of dhikr and the reward of reading that dhikr .
  2. Click on the reward you wish more or start from number one
  3. Click “Reply ” you will be asked to “Login” or Register
  4. Fill in your username and email .You will be registered and your comment will display on the board
  5. Click “Your Profile” and click on “Account ” and fill in your detail if you want .
  6. You Can check your Profile here-
  7. The More dhikr you make ,the more reward you earn.
  8. Your reward will be visible in the form of “Badge”
  9. If You want to compete in making Dhikr with your friend ,you can invite him by mailing him/her X" target="true">this form 
  10. Congrats You are in ! You can Search other members and see their activity.
  11. Monitor your activity of making Dhikr and compete with other Muslims in earning hasanah.

Please Remember : The Dhikr community is just for your convenience so that you can track your Dhikr and get motivated in doing more Dhikr consistantly . It doesn’t guarantee your reward . “All Actions are based on intention and we will be rewarded based on our intention. So,the main aim of Doing Dhikr should be to earn the pleasure of Allah Swt.

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