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Australia Day Billboards with girls in Hijab removed after controversy and Soon Campaign launches to restore it.

Campaign launches to restore the Australia Day hijab billboard You have perhaps woken to news this morning that an Australia ...
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special footpath for blind man

A Special footpath for a blind man to guide him to Mosque.

A special footpath has been built to help a blind man walk from his home to his local mosque in ...
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Slovakia bans Islam as state religion , ensures no Mosques are built.

Slovakia bans Islam as an officially recognized religion says Islam has no place It is really disheartening that the predominantly ...
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ziyarah places madina

The Virtue of Madina and Ziyarat Places in Madina

Ziyarat Places in Madina and Virtue of Madina Assalamu alaikum ,Have You been to Madina ? It is mesmerizing. Right? ...
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Close Up View of Kaaba – Know Kaaba better !

Let us Understand Kaaba Better! Have you been to mecca ?Have you seen the Kaaba? I bet that even If ...
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I want to Know the Purpose of My Life

If You Want to know the Purpose of Your life Have You ever wondered "Why are You Here?" You may ...
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zainab bint muhammad

The love story of Zainab bint Muhammad and Abu El’Ass ibn Rabee’

A touching love story of Zainab bint Muhammad and Abu El'Ass ibn Rabee'; Zainab bint Muhammad (599— April, 630 AD) ...
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Why Am I a Muslim?

Why Am I a Muslim? With growing Islamophobia ,It is not Surprising to encounter this Question,"Why are You Muslim?While I ...
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Books for Islamic Homeschooling-Islamic Studies Course Books

Books for Islamic Homeschooling by Darussalam : Islamic Education Series(1-12) Do you believe that your child should know more than ...
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The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Political Good Read The Book Recommendation for this Week is not a Religious Book but It is a Book Recommended ...
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The Muslim Next Door: A Book to help you explain Islam

Do you have a Friend who inquires you about Islam or a Neighbor who Simply has a wrong notion on ...
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Ajwa dates recipe

Ajwa Dates Recipe for Cardio Problems and other health Problems

Ajwa Dates Recipe Assalamu Alaikum, Last Week We talked about the Nutritional and Medicinal benefits of Ajwa date and read ...
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the virtue of Ajwa date and hadiths on ajwa dates

Ajwa dates and its immense medicinal benefits

The Merit and Virtues of Ajwa dates along with reference to the Hadith Ajwa dates are the most favorite food ...
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sports hijab

10 Supercool Sports hijab for Muslim Athletes

Sports Hijab Assalamu alaikum, Today We will be talking about the Sports Hijab . Subhan Allah ! Muslim girls are ...
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battle of Siffin

Battle of Siffin-First Civil War of Muslims

Sunni Interpretation of The Battle of Siffin / the First Fitna or the first Muslim civil war . According to ...
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10 Anger Management Tips to Control Anger according to Islam

Tips to Control Anger from Hadith and Duas on Anger Management Anger is a very natural human emotion; it is ...
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how to get barakah -islamic productivity

Barakah Notes : How to Increase Barakah in Our life

Need Barakah in Your Life? One of the important thing which we all peruse in our life is Barakah ...
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