Qibla Finder

Free Tool to locate Qibla Direction from any Part of the World.

How to use Qibla Finder tool to find the direction of Qibla:

  1. Simply enter your address and press “locate”. A red line will show the qibla direction.
  2. The addresses entered can be any of the following:
    • Full address or Zip code (example: NJ 08544)
    • Cities, states, and continents (examples: France, Tehran, مكه)
    • Famous places (example: Faisal Mosque, مسجد الحرام)
    • Coordinates (example: +38 34′ 24″, -80 32′ 57″)
  3. Use the Zoom(+/_) button to adjust
  4. Use Satellite,If You Do not want to Enter Your Location
  5. Please Notice that Google Earth is Under Construction.So,Please Press the Map or Satellite button .