Salah Flashcards to Learn Salah

Step-by Step Salah Flashcards for Reverts and new Learners. New Reverts get overwhelmed sometimes. I have made the cards with simple English transliteration and images which is easy to read and Follow. This is a Salah guide in Bold English transliteration to aid the new reverts in leaning Salah. This is not a detailed book but Flashcards to help the new reverts learn Salah easy and fast way. Learn…

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South African all-rounder Bjorn Fortuin converts to Islam.

All-rounder Bjorn Fortune (Bjorn Fortuin) He has converted to Islam. The 26-year-old made his international debut in September 2019. According to reports, Bourne converted to Islam during the month of Ramadan. Now his name is Imad. Byrne’s South African teammate Tarbej Shamsi (Tabraiz Shamsi) His wife Khadija Shamsi shared a photo of Bjorn with his wife and congratulated him. Bjorn’s wife’s name is Mishek Essen. The news was broken via an Instagram…

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Ramadan series to follow and a free Dhikr Book in English and Urdu

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Assalamu alaikum wrwb, How are you all? I hope you are making the best use of your time in Ramadan. 7 Days of Ramadan have already passed. How did you make use of it? I wanted to inform you about some good Ramadan series that you may like to listen. I am sharing this because i am personally following many of these series and I am finding them very…

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Ramadan Series – Knowing Islam,reflection through Quran

Assalamu Alaikum wrwb,We are happy to announce our Ramadan Series. - Starting Ramadan 1 In sha Allah. - Quranic reflection on the purpose of our creation ( Ramadan 1-20) - Lessons from Quran-starting 20th Ramadan- (20- 30 Ramadan ) If you are interested , you can follow this series in our Instagram / Facebook page or bookmark this page. We will btry to update this Page daily In sha…

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Learn the Fiqh of Fasting- Ramadan Preparation Plan

Before Ramadan starts, it is beneficial to revise the Fiqh of fasting so that we are Prepared before Ramadan. We can also hold a Family halaqa in our home and educate other family members. Here I discuss some Fiqh of Ramadan Fast very briefly. This is taken from book- Ascent of Felicity and my Own class notes on Fiqh of Fasting. Actions of one who is fasting are divided…

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Ramadan Preparation Plan-Day 04

Scholars say that you need to put effort in getting closer to Allah swt. You have to leave things that does not benefit, that consumes your time , that makes you addicted. In simple terms to beat laziness, you have to develop the love -the strong desire to Win against Shaitan . You may like to read how life can be considered as a Football match between us and…

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Ramadan Preparation Plan-Day 03

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Now that We are nearing Ramadan, We have to organise our books,our dua list,our room,our kids room etc and we can also make a shopping list for Ramadan and  Eid beforehand so that we do not have to rush at the last hours. Here is how I planned my Ramadan few years back, It is almost all the same every year.  For Me the number one thing I want…

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Ramadan Preparation Plan RPP- Day 02

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Just like when an important Person whom you love very much comes to your house after a year ,you take a break and try to give your maximum time to the guest , similarly Ramadan is our most awaited guest. Like you need to apply for a leave much before the day you want a break similarly you need to Prepare for Ramadan beforehand. 1)Start by  Writing down your…

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Ramadan Preparation Plan- Day 01

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Assalamu Alaikum wrwb, Are you Prepared for Ramadan? Ramadan is now just few days away. If you haven't already started your preparation for Ramadan, It is still not too late. Join us in Ramadan Preparation especially in this Pandemics when we need more of planning and motivations. Day 1 “How unfortunate is a person who after the end of Ramadan does not gain any forgiveness of his sins from…

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