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The Secrets of  Mecca and Madina and stories of Hajj

Hajj 2021 News : Hajj 2021 cancelled for People outside the kingdom

BREAKING NEWS - HAJJ 1442 In the light of what the world is witnessing with the continuing developments of the…

3 months ago

My Umrah in Pandemic with a 7 year Old-Umrah 2021

Alhumdulillah ! I have returned from my Umrah and ziyarat of Prophet's Mosque. The reason I am writing this article…

4 months ago

About Zamzam the Miracle Water.

Do You Know that Zamzam is the miracle water that was dug by an Angel - Angel Jibrael AS for…

8 months ago

313 Badri Sahaba : Remembering 14 sahaba martyred in Badr

My Visit to Battle of Badr The Battle of Badr was the first major battle in Islam. Since I live…

11 months ago

Saudi Arabia launches new Umrah app to Open Umrah amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Umrah to reopen Soon. The minister said that to fulfill the needs of pilgrims, every step is computerized using AI…

12 months ago

Story of how Ibrahim AS recognised Allah as his lord

Dhul Hijja Series One night, Ibrahim AS saw a star. So he said: This is my lord.And when the star…

1 year ago