How to organize Virtual Eid Milan in this Lockdown?

Virtual Eid Milan greeting

Assalamu Alaikum wrwb,

Eid Mubarak. Are you sad that you cannot be with family and Friends on Eid this year?

With technology in hand, We do not have to be sad.Let me give you a tip.

As an Online student,we have been organising a virtual meetups with our friends and it is no more than a fun.We dress modest,bring our tea/coffee and talk about stuffs happening to us and discuss deen and duniya.

Have you heard of Zoom? These days you can even try gmail video conferencing.These Video conferencing apps allow nearly 100 people to attend a meeting at the same time. You all must have already tried Zoom etc for your work meeting and classes.Why not try it to host a Virtual Eid Milan?

Grab this invitation card and send it to your Contacts.

If you do not know how to host a meeting in zoom, follow these steps on How to start a Video conferencing in Zoom?

  • Download Zoom App in your Mobile or go to
  • Watch the below tutorial to start a meeting.
  • Send the joining link to your friends or relatives with whom you want to organise a virtual gathering.

This is how you can talk with multiple People.

Displaying participants in gallery view – Zoom Help Center

I hope you don’t spend a lonely Eid. But yes Remember to use this technology in a good way 🙂

Eid Mubarak!!

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