Qisat Al-Makan (story of the place) museum Opens near Prophet’s Mosque


The Qisat Al-Makan (story of the place) museum offers visitors a rich and cultural experience through 3-D movies about the life of the Prophet Muhammad SAW and the history of the holy city. It is the first cultural entertaining project to show historic and Islamic stories in 3D movies.

It has Opened recently and is earning lots of Praise from the visitors who feels blessed to be enriched with rich islamic history. You can see a variety of movies in 3D technique, 8D Audio and in 8 different languages.

Google Map Location of Qisat Al-Makan (story of the place)

It is  8 mins walk from gate 5 /gate 6 of Haram. You can locate it in google map:


Movies shown at Qisat-Al-Makan Museum

The Movies shown are : Story of Masjid Nabawi, the Story of Masjid Qiblatayn, and the Story of Madinah al Munowwarah.

The museum, supervised by the Madinah Development Authority, features stories about the Prophet’s immigration to Madinah, and the holy and historic places associated with his life.

Timing of Qisat Al-Makan (story of the place)

Movies are shown in Arabic, Urdu, Pakistani, Malaysian, Indonesian, Turkish, Indian, French and English and the museum opens from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Booking tickets at Qisat Al-Makan (story of the place)

Tickets are available online at www.qisatalmkan.com.

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