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Omar mukhtar
Remembering Lion of the Desert: Omar Mukhtar – 88 years of Martyrdom
On 16th September 1931 Omar Mukhtar (rahimahullāh) was executed and hanged to martyrdom by Italian colonial forces at the age of 73. He is Read more.
Juzz Amma Quran tracker
Juzz Amma Memorization Tracker-FREE
JUzz Amma Quran Tracker Pdf FREE Download. Read more.
Story of Umar RA’s questions to Saeed bin Amir, the governor of Hims
Story of Umar RA-Questions to Saeed bin Amir, the governor of Hims
When Hazrat Umar رضي الله عنه visited Hims to see how things were going there, he was met by a Read more.
Repeat umrah fees cancelled
Good News! Repeat Umrah fees Cancelled
9 september 2019 : Good News! Repeat Umrah fees Cancelled Read more.
lady who spoke from quran
The lady who only spoke from Quran
The lady who only spoke from Quran-Islamic story of Abdullah ibn mubarak Read more.
13 year muslim girl in NASA
13 years Old Raadeyah Aamir named as youngest Muslim to get into NASA
Raadeyah Aamir, 13 years old selected for the NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) internship program is named as youngest Read more.
Dua at the beginning of the year and Dua at the end of the year.
There are certain duas that my teachers recommended  me to recite at the end of the year and at the Read more.
A day in Arafat
A day in Arafat-Hajj 2019
9th Dhul Hijja is the day of Hajj is the day that no Haji forgets. I keep going back to that Read more.
muslim boy eton
16 yr Old Muslim boy wins £76,000 scholarship to Eton
Hasan Patel secured the place after a gruelling three-day assessment that included three entrance exams and seven interviews – now Read more.
Slavery and Islam
Slavery and Islam – A Book about Riqq in the Sharia.
  What happens when authorities you venerate condone something you know is wrong? Every major religion and philosophy once condoned Read more.
My say about #boycottMcdonalds that is trending in India because they serve Halal food
Have you heard that #boycottMcdonalds is trending in India  just because they said they serve Halal food . I have Read more.
hajj story 2019
My Hajj Reflections – Hajj 2019
Alhumdulillah I am back from Hajj. When I packed for Hajj I had left all the love of the world Read more.