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A very beautiful dua extracted from a hadith that can help us enter jannah from all 8 gates:  أَشْهَدُ أَنْ
fiqh of wudu
Learning the fiqh of wudu is important. We need to know the different integrals of wudu. We need to know
comparing nikah
As we progress, we see many vices entering into our society. The concept of "Live in relationship" is getting acceptance
dua from riadh as saliheen
Here are some Duas extracted from the book "Riyadh us Saliheen." I have mentioned the full hadith in which we
Sa’d ibn Mu’adh
Do you know who was the sahabi at whose death the throne of Allah shook? It was Sa’d bin Mu’adh
sayedina Nafisa
A very People know that female Scholar and the teacher of Imam Shafi was Sayyedina Nafisa,. Her full name was
surah al maida
Notes helps in quick reference and act as a mind Map. Today, I would like to share my notes from
story of sacrifice
Ibrahim AS returned to Makkah after a period of time. And he met Isma’il AS(his son) and he met Haajar
seal of prophethood
How and where was the Seal of prophethood of Rasul Allah Muhammad Sallalahu alaihe Wa Sallam? There are 8 riwayats about
islamic reflection
Someone beat and persecuted a student of Imam Ghazali. He complained to the Imam who said, "My dear boy! Give
hajj 2021
BREAKING NEWS - HAJJ 1442 In the light of what the world is witnessing with the continuing developments of the
Jazak Allah khair
What dua do you say to someone who does you a favour? What do you say to your Muslim Friend