Islamic Reflection .

Story of sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim AS

Ibrahim AS returned to Makkah after a period of time.
And he met Isma’il AS(his son) and he met Haajar AS(his wife)
and Ibrahim AS became happy because of his son Isma’il. 
And Isma’il AS was a small boy 
who would run and play and go out along with his father.
And Ibrahim AS would love Isma’il very much.
And one night Ibrahim AS saw in his
dream that he is slaughtering Isma’il .
And Ibrahim AS was a true prophet and
his dream was a true dream.
And Ibrahim AS was Allah’s friend 
so he intended to do what Allah ordered him in the dream.
And Ibrahim  AS said to Isma’il :
Indeed, I see in the dream that I am slaughtering you, 
so look what do you see?
He said: o my father, do what you are commanded, 
soon you will find me, Allah-willing, from those who are
And Ibrahim AS took Isma’il AS along with him 
and he took a knife.
And when Ibrahim AS reached Mina,
he intended to slaughter Isma’il .
And Ismail AS lay down on the earth,
and Ibrahim intended to slaughter. 
So he placed the knife upon Isma’il’s throat.
However, Allah wanted to see 
What His friend do what He commands him.
And whether he loves Allah more or
he loves more his son.
And Ibrahim AS succeeded in the test.
So Allah sent Jibreel  AS with a lamb from
paradise and he said slaughter this 
and do not slaughter Isma’il .
And Allah loved the deed of Ibrahim ,
so He commanded the Muslims with the
slaughter in the Eid of sacrifice.
May Allah send blessings upon Ibrahim, the friend,and send peace.
May Allah send blessings upon his son Isma’il, and send peace.

N.B: AS =Alayhi-salam  ("Peace be upon Him")

Reference: Qasas un Nabiyyin

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