Islamic Parenting

Islamic Parenting
One Whose Child Dies
In solace with brothers an sisters who have lost their children, I would like to share some hadith of Rasul
student journal
This is a Productivity Journal designed for Students. It contains : Dua before StudyingDua after StudyingDua for ExamsAssignment TrackerStudy PlannerSmart
Adab of Training Children
The Aadaab of training children by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi Also Check: Printable Dua Cards to put around the house.
Treatment of parents in their Old age
She stood at the balcony,waiting with pleading eyes.waiting for someone,Maybe her Only son.Wrinkled and Weak,a mother in her 70s.her son
miscarriage support
Loss of a child is the biggest trial one can face. It can not only break you but can also
10 Islamic Parenting Advice from Real Parents
1. Our children are like sponges, they absorb everything they see and hear. They emulate what we do, so before
Islamic Books for School Children
Islamic Education of our kids are being neglected these days. Yes,It is important to teach our children to read Quran
ramadan cover front
First Ramadan of a child is a significant milestone. When kids watch their parents and older kids fast , they
dua card
Assalamu Alaikum wrwb, If you are looking for some Dua cards  especially with the Daily recommended Dua a child should
dutiful to parents
People wonder why kids have gotten so much more disrespectful these days—we see children and teens arguing with adults (or
Ramadan decoration kids room
If you love transforming your Home during Ramadan and Eid to make your Kids enthusiastic about Ramadan , We have
salah tracker calender
Download the Free " Salah Tracker calender "to mark the Salah you Performed.   If Keeping a track of missed
islamic activity books
How do you engage your Kids in Holidays ? With Holidays coming ,how are you Prepared to use this time
hadeeth on saving environment
Hadeeth on Saving Environment : Saving Environment as a Muslim. Every day there are stories about pollution, global warming and
islamic gift kids
Quran Challenge Game In this season of sales and offers , have you considered buying for your kids an Islamic
salah tracker
Track your Salah with FREE Dowloadable Salah Tracking Journal Assalamu Alaikum, Many a times ,People who are not regular with
prophets mentioned in quran
Prophets mentioned in Quran -Worksheets for learning and practicing the names of Prophets Assalamu Alaikum, As We announced last week
islamic months Worksheet
 The Islamic Months Worksheet is designed for Kids age 4-9 years . Ask the Kids to Color the Worksheet and
5 Pillars of Islam Worksheet 1
5 Pillars of Islam Worksheet Salam, We have a good News for You . Your Favorite blog "Islam Hashtag "
islamic gift kids
Confused on the Best Eid Gift for Kids ? Here are few Recommendations: Eid is the day of Joy and
99 names of Allah
This post is the 2nd Part of the 99 Names of Allah Colouring Sheet . You can print them off
99names off allah coloring book
99 Names of Allah colouring pdf Colour and Learn Asma ul Husna 99 Names of Allah Colouring printable : Teach your
Dua list Ramadan
Ramadan Dua list Dua is the Essense of Worship. There is a hadeeth -“Verily your Lord is Generous and Shy.
Resources for School to tackle Islamophobia
 High Quality resources for School to tackle Islamophobia Muslim community and advocacy group MEND (Muslim Engagement & Development) has recently
A Short Biography of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Name : The Full name of Prophet Muhammad SAW is  Abū al-Qāsim Muḥammad
A list of Islamic Books for Kids
A list of Islamic Books for Kids / Children Reading builds imaginative skills for play. Your child learns many things
dua studying
Duas for Studying for Exams; Dua for Success in Exams & Tips for Passing Exams with Good Marks Assalamu Alaikum,
practical tips of Islamic Parenting
10 Practical Tips of Islamic Parenting for Modern Parents Who Doesn't Want a Pious and Obedient Child?Almost Every One of
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A Book On Islamic Parenting:- Parenting Skills: Based on The Qur'an and Sunnah (Review) Everyone realises that raising children is a
Top 5 Islamic apps for Muslim kids:Review Today,you can't leave your child alone.Parents Supervision is needed even If the Kids are
Islamic Stories for Kids
Islamic Story Books for Kids Do you narrate Islamic stories to your Kids?Kids grasps things fast and giving your children
5 Tips for Islamic Parenting from the Hadeeth of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)
Islamic Parenting-How to raise a Pious Child? All Praise and thanks belong to Allah alone,the One the Almighty and all