The Story of a Man to whom Allah gave His Ayat, but he threw them away -Story from Quran (7:175-7:176)

The Story of a Man to whom Allah gave His Ayat, but he threw them away- (7:175-7:176) This is a ...
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How to Pray Namaz – Step by Step videos

Learn to Pray Namaz with these Step by step videos ...
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10 things and 1 Dua to increase rizq and Provision

Many of us make dua to Allah to ask for His favors, to get His attention, to seek forgiveness for ...
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getting ready for ramadan

Getting Ready for Ramadan.

Ramadan is the most awaited time of the Year .With Ramadan just around the corner, many of us are looking ...
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Kunduz : More than 150 children graduating for memorizing the Qur’an killed in Afghan Air attack.

Deadly attack by the US airstrike killed 150 hafiz-e Quran on Quran graduating Ceremony in Kunduz. A Ceremony had been ...
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People build chain outside mosques to fight islamophobia on so called “punish a Muslim Day”.

Nearly 100 people formed a human chain outside a mosque in Newcastle to fight against racism and Islamophobia. Protestors formed ...
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The 3 types of Nafs People have .

The 3 types of Nafs . In the Quran-e-Kareem the word nafs is used in two ways. First way that the word nafs is used, is ...
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Punish a Muslim day hate letters being sent to homes in UK

Punish A Muslim letters sent across UK offering points as games to attack and abuse Muslims. The anonymous letters arrived ...
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books to introduce islam

25 Good Books to introduce one to Islam

Books to Research on Islam / to introduce one to Islam When I was in college ,many friends use to ...
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India ends Hajj subsidy for Muslim Pilgrims

India ends Hajj subsidy as part of policy to 'empower minorities without appeasement' NEW DELHI: Haj pilgrims will no longer receive any ...
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omar sulaeiman arrested

Imam Omar Suleiman arrested for protesting in favour of the #CleanDreamAct.

Imam Omar Suleiman was arrested along with others after protesting in favour of the #CleanDreamAct which calls on the US ...
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Pakistan to send transgenders as volunteers to Hajj 2018

For the first time in the history of Pakistan, transgenders will be part of a team of boy scouts being ...
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Please Pray that Allah gives me more : Story of Moosa AS and Old Man.

Sometimes when things do not happen the way we want , we get upset . We get irritated . Even ...
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Story of the Jewish Woman who Gifted a Poisoned Sheep to the Prophet, peace and blessing be upon him

It was narrated that Abu Hurairah, may Allaah be pleased with him, said: "When Khaibar was conquered, a roasted poisoned ...
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man sentenced to memorise surah imran

Three Lebanese Muslims accused of disrespecting Mary sentenced to memorize Surah Al-Imran

A Lebanese Christian judge ordered three young Muslim men, accused of insulting Mary ,the mother of Jesus (pbuh) to memorize ...
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the story of the leaper, the blind and the bald man.

The story of the leaper, the blind and the bald man.

The Story of the leaper, the blind and the bald man from Hadeeth. We See People changing with time ...
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World Hijab Day

A Glimpse of how the Non -Muslims Supported the World Hijab Day 2018

World Hijab Day takes place on February 1st each year . Its stated purpose is to encourage women of all ...
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Pigeons in the Bird Market of Madina

Do you Know about the Price of the Pigeons in the Bird Market of Madina ? During a tour of ...
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salah tracker calender

Salah Tracker Calender- Free Printable

Download the Free " Salah Tracker calender "to mark the Salah you Performed. If Keeping a track of missed Salah ...
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Salah tracker

My Salah Tracker – Free Printable Journal to track Salah

Track your Salah with FREE Dowloadable Salah Tracking Journal Assalamu Alaikum, Many a times ,People who are not regular with ...
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prophets mentioned in quran

Prophets mentioned in Quran Worksheet

Prophets mentioned in Quran -Worksheets for learning and practicing the names of Prophets Assalamu Alaikum, As We announced last week ...
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