Quran Memorisation Tool

Use Quran Memorisation tool to learn to Recite Quran.Thanks to House of Quran which has brought this beautiful tool for Quran learning and Quran Memorisation.

With this tool You can:

  • Read Quran word by Word-Best for the Beginners
  • Listen the translation of Quran in Hindi Urdu, French
  • Learn Quran with the Quran Memorisation tool

If you are Viewing this in Mobile or Tablet: Click This .

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Tips to Use Quran Memorisation Tool:

1)You can choose your level,If You are a Beginner or You Know somewhat.The lower the level,the More time you will be given to read the Verse.

2)You can choose the Playing Option, If you want to read word by Word,or Verse or Word and Verses.

3)You can Choose your Recitor from the List of recitors

4) Hide Options: If clicked once it will hide the options panel or show the option panel. Hide Trans. Button:Toggles between hiding/Showing Translation text.Hide Quran: Toggles between Hiding/Showing Quran text.

5)Increase/decrease the Size of text

With +, – buttons,you can increase or decrease font size for Quran text/Translation text

6)To Memorise:

You can repeat the Words,Verses or a Selection of Verse and Repeat to Memorise the Verses.

7)Practice Reading or to Learn Tajweed:

Jazak Allah Khair.