Life of Imam Abu Hanifa(RA)

Islam is the Religion of Muslims but sadly we fight in the name of Madhab. Have we tried to study the life and teachings of our Imams?All the four Imams were righteous and had an Unmatched Personality and as a Muslim,we should respect all the Imams.Recently I Completed Reading the Biography of all 4 Imams .The life of Imam Abu Hanifa(RA) has left deep impact On Me.It has made…

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Devil’s Deception Book Review:History of the Sects in Islam

 Devil's Deception (Tablis Iblis) Book Review The book Devil's Deception  is an english translation of the book "Tablis Iblis" by Ibn al jawjee.It is one of the bestseller Islamic book 2015. .The author Ibn al jawjee  was an Islamic scholar .His family traces their lineage back to that ofAbu Bakr, the famous companion of Muhammad and first caliph. He belonged to the Hanbali school of jurisprudential thought.The book,Devil's Deception…

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