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  • Is Stock trading in Share Market Halal or Haram?
    Is trading in Share Market Halal or Haram ? Exploring the Scholars’ Perspectives Is it allowed to trade stocks in Islam? Stock Trading in Share Market and the Foundation of Islamic Finance Islamic finance is rooted in Shariah, the body of Islamic law derived from the Quran and Hadith (sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad, […]
  • What is sukuk? A Guide to Islamic Bonds.
    What is a sukuk? A sukuk is an Islamic financial certificate, similar to a bond in Western finance, that complies with Islamic religious law (Sharia). Unlike traditional Western interest-paying bonds, sukuk involves the issuer selling a certificate to an investor group, using the proceeds to purchase an asset in which […]
  • Halal Jobs for Muslims in North America
    Halal Jobs for Muslims in North America-Halal Job Market Trends With a growing Muslim population in North America, the demand for Halal products and services has surged. The Halal industry encompasses various sectors, offering an array of career possibilities. Halal Jobs for Muslims in North America What are halal employment […]
  • Types of Bay Gharar in Islamic Finance.
    Types of Bay Gharar in Islamic Finance Gharar is an Arabic term that refers to uncertainty, ambiguity, hazard, and risk in a contract or transaction. It signifies the presence of excessive uncertainty or ambiguity that can lead to disputes or exploitation of one party by another. Key Aspects of Gharar […]
  • Dua for beginning a speech,”Innalhamdalillah nahmaduhu”
    Dua for beginning a khutba or before beginning a lesson: “Innalhamdalillah nahmaduhu” Why do we recite a Dua before speech? Starting a talk with a dua is seeking the help of Allah and glorifying Allah before a praiseworthy action of imparting ilm. It also helps to create a welcoming and […]
  • How to find Islamic finance jobs USA?
    Islamic finance jobs USA Islamic finance is a form of financial system that is based on the principles of Islamic law (Shariah). Islamic finance prohibits interest (riba), gambling (maysir), uncertainty (gharar), and unethical activities that harm society or the environment. Islamic finance also promotes risk-sharing, social justice, and financial inclusion¹ […]
  • Country of Oman declares Bitcoin Halal.
    Oman declares Bitcoin Halal and in line to Islamic finance and Islamic sharia. Oman declares Bitcoin Halal Also Read : Is Bitcoin Halal or Haram according to different Muslim scholars H.E Sheikh Mansour Bin Taleb Bin Ali Al Hinai, Chairman of Oman’s Authority for Public Services Regulations, publicly commented in […]
  • Is Bitcoin Halal or Haram?Bitcoin and Islamic Finance.
    Bitcoin and Islamic Finance, Is Bitcoin Halal or Haram, an Islamic law perspective. Is Bitcoin Halal or Haram from Islamic law perspective is a question that has been troubling me from many days. Recently I read “Shariah Analysis of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain” by Mufti Muhammad Abu Bakar, who is a […]

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