Download Free English Translation of Quran

Quran has been translated in many languages. It is better to have a hard copy of Mushaf and an alternate English translation of Quran as no translation can replace the Arabic Mushaf and likewise effort should be made to understand Arabic so as to undesrstand Quran in the language it was revealed.

Translation of Quran by Taqi Uthmani is the most widely used English translation of Quran in madrassas of Indo-Pak subcontinent.

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Download Free English Translation of Quran 4

You can download it by clicking on the name of the book.There are other English translations of Quran which you can check from the link below.

Colour Coded Quran with English translation. : This is a great translation for student of Ilm as it helps you learn the English translation.

English translation of Quran-Pickethall

English Translation of Quran by Yusuf Ali