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About the Founder:

Islam Hashtag is founded by Aafiya Fahmina who is currently studying the 6-year Alimah program (Hanafi fiqh) and holds a qualification of  PG in hospital Administration and an Optometry Doctor (OD).

Motivation behind this blog:

Islam Hashtag started as an endeavor to share the Islamic Pearls learned in the course of studying Islam. The ever-growing Love and support of email subscribers (nearly 11,000) and Social media fans who regularly interact with us are the reason that the blog is still alive 🙂

Another motivating factor behind this blog is the trust and support of a very humble person who donates monthly to help us pay our running cost. He doesn’t want to be named but Alhumdulillah has been helping us to run this blog for a year. He is an excellent example of a person who seeks his reward only from Allah. May Allah increase his income and give barakah in everything he does.

Guiding Principle

The hadeeth of Rasul Allah swt “Convey from me, even if it is one verse.”

About the Blog

Islam Hashtag was launched on  July 25, 2015 alhamdulillah now this blog has around 11,000 email subscribers and numerous fans in all social media. The social media that we use most is Facebook and We have an account in Instagramgoogle plustwitter, Pinterest and Flipboard too

Our blog is not only for Muslims but for anyone who is interested in Islam. It is a website that aims to seek the Pleasure of Allah SWT and helps you to learn more about Islam. Let us introduce you to the various features of Islam Hashtag. We hope You benefit from this website In sha Allah.


The Articles are extracted from the Quran, seerah and history of Islamic civilization and collated with modern times.

Recent Lectures

From Our Page You can listen to all the Recent lectures of Prominent Islamic Scholars like Mufti Menk, Dr. Bilal Philips, Yusuf Estes, Taufique Chaudhury etc..The Best Part is that You get the Most recent lectures of these Scholars and by listening to these lectures You Support their Official Website.

Islamic Quizzes

Islamic Trivia Quizzes topic wise to increase your Knowledge of Islam.

Islamic Videos

Check out Some Educative Islamic Videos on Ibadah and Muslim Culture that we ought to know.

News Based Articles

A Muslim needs to acquaint himself with the happenings in the Muslim Society. We bring to you the Interesting Stories Making Headlines in the Muslim Community and affecting us as Individuals. We Pick Up at least One Interesting Big News of the Week for our Weekly Islamic Magazine

Islamic Resources

This is also a resource page for the Muslims, which is a destination to learn about the recommendations for Islamic products. And Our recommendations are not just links. We Try it first and give you an honest review.

Resources For Kids

We Have Included Few Useful Resources for kids.

Islamic Worksheets

We have also included some Worksheets and additional Resources for Effective Islamic Parenting, In Sha Allah.

Our Articles on Mecca and Madina

We Have Some Good articles on Mecca and Madina and We Keep Updating this Category with Real-life experiences,  Details of Masjid and Hajj and Umrah News.

      Hope You take full advantage of the Islamic Resources We Offer You for Free.


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