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First ever geographically detailed map of Mecca
First ever geographically detailed map of Mecca as it was during the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Extremely useful Video if you are an acedamic or a student of deen and you want to understand Seerah better. Read more.
A Rare video of Istikhlaf in Prayer that happened in Al Rajhi Mosque in riyadh .
Istikhlaf in Prayer : Imam appointing somebody from congregation as the imam. The imam of Al-Rajhi Mosque in Riyadh Sheikh Read more.
hadith Qudsi
40 Hadith Qudsi with English translation (Video )
What is Hadith Qudsi? The main source of Islamic Shari’ab is Qur’an which is revealed in the exact Words of Read more.
manzil dua
Manzil Audiobook and pdf -A cure from Evil Eye
Sihr (affect of evil eye)  and envy (hasad) is true with evidence from the Qur’an and Sunnah and even the Read more.
40 Darood and Salawat on Prophet Muhammad SAW- Book and Audio
Rabi ul Awwal is the month of our dear Prophet . Today,I would like to share one beautiful book along Read more.
Concept of Solar and Lunar Eclipse in Islam
The Concept of Solar and Lunar Eclipse in Islam by Dr Yasir Qadhi
Salaat al-Kusoof (Prayer of lunar Eclipse ) is a Sunnah mu’akkadah (a confirmed Sunnah) according to the consensus of the Read more.
Seerah of Prophet Muhammad
Learn the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad SAW with Dr Yasir Qadhi
As You all are aware that We are adding Good Educational Islamic Videos to facilitate the learning of Deen .  Read more.
How to Perform Istikhara Prayer – Lecture by Mufti Menk
Istikhara in Arabic means seeking guidance to make a decision concerning something. It is said in Arabic Istakhir Allaaha yakhir laka (Seek Read more.
fiqh of hajj
Fiqh of Hajj and Practical advises for Hajj by Dr Yasir Qadhi
Fiqh of Hajj Hajj is a lifetime journey . It is one of the 5 Pillars of Islam .Every one Read more.
Hajj video
How to do Hajj- Detailed Video
How to do Hajj ? First of all Congratulations to every one who has been chosen for Hajj this year Read more.
How to Pray Namaz – Step by Step videos
Learn to Pray Namaz with these Step by step videos Salah/Namaj is the Islamic Prayer which is Obligatory/fardh on all Read more.
character development
Character development in an Islamic Way by Mufti Menk
Character development in an Islamic Way by Mufti Menk “Indeed Allah conferred a great favour on the believers when He Read more.
Educate yourself on Muharram and Ashura (Lectures and Videos )
Assalamu Alaikum, The Month of Muharram is here . We have stepped into 1439 Hijri of the Islamic Calender . Read more.
How to take Sahada – An emotional Sahadah with Mufti Menk
How to take Sahada ? Watch the emotional Sahada of a Women by Mufti Menk   “And whoever desires other Read more.
Qiyamul lail Prayer from Mecca -(Last 10 Days of Ramadan )
Qiyamul lail Prayer from Mecca 2017 of the last 10 days of Ramadan Qiyam’ means ‘standing’ and ‘Qiyam al-Layl’ means Read more.
stories of sahaba
Stories of Sahaba -“The Companions of Prophet Muhammad SAW “
Stories of Prophet’s companion by Mufti Ismael Menk : A Series of 29 Lectures A Sahâbî (Companion) is one who Read more.
Mufti Menk lecture
A Football Match between Man and Shaitan
 Is there any similiarity between Football Match and Life ? This article is inspired by the Lecture of “Lessons from Read more.
A Superb recitation of Quran with sign language by a 5 year Old hafidhe Quran
A Superb recitation of Quran with sign language by a 5 year Old hafidhe Quran
Five-year-old Kaisa (hafidhe Quran ) recites Quran with Sign Language . Watch her beautiful Performance that has won many hearts! Read more.
stories of prophet by mufti Ismael Menk
Stories of Prophets by Mufti Ismael Menk
Stories of Prophets by Mufti Ismael Menk This is a Complete Series of stories  of Prophets by Mufti Ismael Menk Read more.
Why are we here
I want to Know the Purpose of My Life
If You Want to know the Purpose of Your life Have You ever wondered “Why are You Here?” You may Read more.
battle of Siffin
Battle of Siffin-First Civil War of Muslims
Sunni Interpretation of The Battle of Siffin / the First Fitna or the  first Muslim civil war . According to Ibn Read more.
erase your sins
10 things that can erase your Sins
“Sometimes the people with the worst past, create the best future.”Umar bin Al Khattab Are You Scared of Your Past?Sometimes Read more.
A list of Present day Muslim Scholars
Present Day Muslim Scholars and Speakers and their Field of Study
A List of Muslim Scholars and Speakers of Present Day and their Subject of lectures. Assalamu Alaikum, Here I have Read more.
urdu Islamic cartoons for Kids
Urdu Islamic Cartoons for Kids
  This is a Series of islamic Cartoon for Kids in Urdu which teaches Dua and Etiquette to Kids in Read more.
English Islamic Cartoons for Kids
English Islamic Cartoons for Kids -Abdul Bari
English Islamic Cartoon for Kids There is a series of English Islamic Cartoons for Kids which teaches Islamic Etiquette to Read more.
masjid al aqsa
History of Masjid Al Aqsa :The Reason of Conflict
A short film on History of Masjid al Aqsa   This film traces the history of the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound Read more.
changing of kiswa
Changing of Kiswa (Video)
            Changing of the Kiswa,the cover of Ka’aba  Kiswah  is the cloth that covers the Read more.