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fiqh of hajj
Fiqh of Hajj and Practical advises for Hajj by Dr Yasir Qadhi
Fiqh of Hajj Hajj is a lifetime journey . It is one of the 5 Pillars of Islam .Every one Read more.
Ali Banat-Motivational Muslim Series
Today we talk about a Muslim  who belonged to 21st Century . He shook the World with his message that Read more.
hajj dua diary
Hajj Dua Diary – A gift to the Hajis
  Assalamu alaikum, The excitement of going to Hajj cannot be described in words . I created this Hajj Diary Read more.
Recent in Muslim World
Paul Pogba meets the Imam of Masjid Nabawi
Paul Pogba ,World’s most expensive player doing Umrah in Ramadan 2017
Paul Pogba ,World’s most expensive player marks fasting month by giving thanks to Allah May his umrah be a means Read more.
Ramadan 2017
Ramadan Mubarak! Importance of Ramadan Reminder !
Ramadan Mubarak !   Assalamu Alaikum, The month of Ramadan has arrived alhumdulillah! Since we have been preparing for Ramadan Read more.
zakir Naik
Has Dr Zakir Naik been granted Saudi citizenship by King Salman ?
There are reports that Saudi Arabia has granted citizenship to Indian Islamic scholar Dr Zakir Naik, who is believed to Read more.
longest quran
Saad Muhammad has created 700 m long Quran with his hand ,wishes to enter Guinness World Records for longest Quran
Egyptian Saad Mohammed creates 700 metre Koran by hand Saad Muhammad ,An Egyptian school drop-out is hoping to make history Read more.
china bans baby names
List of 29 Islamic names banned by China in Xinjiang region April 2017
            China Bans Many Muslim Baby Names in Xinjiang When prospective parents deliberate over baby Read more.
islamophobia in europe
Islamophobia in Europe on Rise ,recent report reveals
Islamophobia in Europe is Rising A recent report ( European Islamophobia Report 2016 ) revealed that increasing Islamophobia is becoming a threat Read more.
islamic quizzes
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islamic videos
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Islamic Book Reviews
Bestselling Islamic Books: (Bestseller 2015)
             ISLAMIC BOOKS :BESTSELLER 2015   Which Islamic books are the people reading right now?Which Read more.
Islamic Workbooks
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Asma ul Husna Series

99 names of allah

Meaning and Explanation of 99 Names of Allah -Part 5 (Seeking help with Asma ul Husna ) Series

99 Names of Allah -Part 5 (Seeking help with Asma ul Husna ) Series This is the Final Part of ...
Read More
99 names of allah

99 Names of Allah – Part 1 (Seeking help with Asma ul Husna ) Series

Dua with 99 Names of Allah Series - A Ramadan Dua Diary In one of the Workshop I attended on ...
Read More

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