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Question on Haidh 1

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Question on Haidh

Can I please be guided with this problem?

After 15 days of purity (tuhr) a woman experienced Light spotting ( pinkish) once a day only visible on wiping – this happening almost 6-7 days every day before actual period starts, will this spotting be considered haiz or istehada? Or change of habit?
The period usually lasts 8-9 days usually consists of proper blood flow followed by light spotting and then ends.

Period in May started 4th May till 11th May
Stayed in state of purity or tuhr: 15 days.
Then subtle faint pink spotting only on wiping
Starts on 27th May till 2nd June and now waiting for actual period to start.
So what would be spotting days be considered haiz or istihada or change of habit?
Pls guide

Islam Hashtag Changed status to publish November 5, 2023

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A woman needs to keep a record of her last valid purity and haydh. Valid purity is one which is 15 days or more and no spotting occurs at anytime within it. Valid haydh is one which is 3 – 10 days and she does not experience any spotting in the purity before it or after it.

Based on this you will look back at your last valid purity and calculate when your expected period is in June. If the early spotting you have seen from the 27th May plus the days you were expected to be on your period exceed 10 days, then you will continue to pray salah until your expected period date and consider the spotting as istihadah.

If the actual bleeding/spotting stops and you see nothing in your expected days, it does not exceed 10 and you have a valid purity after it then in hindsight we may consider the spotting you experienced from the 27th May as haydh and a possible change of habit. You must keep accurate records of all bleeding and purity so that accurate calculations may be made. I hope this clarifies this for you.

-Question and answer from private haidh discussion forum with respected Alimats.

Islam Hashtag Changed status to publish November 5, 2023