Difference between Zakat ,Sadaqah, Fitra, Fidya.

There are two types of Sadaqah, namely optional Sadaqah and Zakah and Fitra /compulsory Sadaqah. Optional Sadaqah is where a person freely gives money to a good cause and hopes for a reward from Allah Ta’ālā; this type of Sadaqah can be given to the Masjid. The second type of Sadaqah is one that is mandatory, whether through the initial dictates of the Sharī‘ah such as Zakat and Sadaqat…

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Why zakat? 5 Reasons Why a Muslim Pay Zakah?

                          Have you ever wondered Why do Muslim Pay Zakat? zakat meaning ? Zakat is an obligation imposed on a Muslim to pay 2.5% of the income he earns during a calendar year to the Poor and needy.The word Zakat comes 88 times in Quran. ZAKAT means "that which purifies".It  is a form of obligatory alms-giving and…

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