Question of the Grave- See If you can answer them


Man Rabbuka ? Who is your Lord ?

Allahu Rabbi . Allah is my Lord .

Man Nabiyyuka ? Who is your prophet ?

Muhammadun Nabiyyi . My Prophet is Muhammad

Ma Dinuka ? What is your religion ?

Al-Islamu Dini . My religion is Islam

Man Imamuka ? Who is your Imam ?

Al Qur'an Imami. My Imam is Al -Qur'an

Aina Qiblatuka ? Where is your Qibla?

Al-Ka'batu Qiblati . My Qibla is Ka'aba

Man Ikhwanuka ? Who are your brothers and sisters ?

Al-Muslimun Wal Muslimat Ikhwani . Muslimin and Muslimat are my brothers and sisters..


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