6 Challenges For Islamic Banking 2023

Challenges For Islamic Banking The Islamic finance industry continues to attract new players and evolve its products and services to become a more active participant in the world's march towards achieving climate goals. The key Islamic finance jurisdictions are focused on sustainability and ESG policies and initiatives. Looking back at 2020, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia were notable actors as they continued leveraging sukuks to finance social and green…

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Islamic Fintech Industry

Latest trend in the Islamic Fintech Industry What is Islamic Fintech? Islamic Fintech is a rapidly growing industry that combines the principles of Islamic finance with modern financial technology. It aims to provide financial products and services that are compliant with Shariah law, which prohibits interest-based transactions and promotes ethical and socially responsible investments. Islamic Fintech meaning Fintech is the merger of two terms: finance and technology. Islamic finance…

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What is murabaha in banking?

What is murabaha in banking? Murabaha in other words is Cost-Plus Financing.This is a contract sale between the bank and its client for the sale of goods at a price which includes a profit margin agreed by both parties. As a financing technique, it involves the purchase of goods by the bank as requested by its client. The goods are sold to the client with a mark-up. Repayment, usually…

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