Periods guide for Muslim Girls pdf

Periods guide for Muslim Girls- Coming of age

Written by -Fahmina Jawed

Total page- 36

This book contains info on :

  • Information on what is Periods/ haidh
  • How to manage Periods
  • What not to do in Haidh
  • What is Istihadha/abnormal bleeding
  • How to calculate Habit/aadat
  • Period tracker
  • Salah tracker
  • Quran tracker

As parents, we often feel overwhelmed about how to introduce the topic of periods to our kids. We also feel the pressure of how to inform them in a beautiful way on how Salah (prayer) and fasting have become obligatory (fardh) for her. When our girls grow up, we also need to discuss the importance of wearing the hijab around non-mahrams.

This book is age-appropriate, providing just the necessary information for a girl who is reaching this important stage in her life.This book is written by Alimah Fahmina who is the author of

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periods guide for muslim girls pdf
periods guide for muslim girls pdf
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