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Aafiya (Fahmina Jawed)

Aafiya (Fahmina Jawed) – Islamic Scholar, Blogger, and Optometry Doctor

As an Alimah and a dedicated lifelong student of Deen, Fahmina Jawed (Aafiya) brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as the author of this blog. With a focus on Classical Islamic education, she has undergone extensive studies under eminent teachers, mastering key texts such as Riyadh as Saliheen, Mishkat al Masabih, Bukhari Sharif, Tirmidhi Sharif, Muslim Sharif, Abu Dawud Sharif and more. Her commitment to Islamic jurisprudence is reflected in her in-depth understanding of Alimiyyah courses, including Usul as Shashi, Balagha, Siraji/Islamic law of inheritance, Quduri, and Al Hidaya.

Educational Journey: Fahmina is an Alimah graduate from two prestigious Institution- Zaynab Institute and Maryam Institute. Fahmina’s academic journey includes mentorship from respected scholars such as Sheikh Saleem Nawab Sahab, Maulana Yusuf Motala Sahab, Maulana Muhammad Ali Sahab, Dr Moiz Hasan, Ustadha Sobia and others. She holds ijazatul hadith on thuluthiat of Sahih Bukhari and has received guidance in various disciplines, including Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh, Tasawwuf, Islamic History etc

Blogging and Teaching Experience: With over 8 years of blogging experience, Fahmina has authored more than 1000 articles and educative booklets, showcasing her commitment to sharing valuable insights within the Islamic community. Additionally, she serves as a teacher for Classic Islamic Learning courses (CIL) at Zaynab Institute, contributing to the dissemination of authentic knowledge.

Professional Background: Fahmina is a qualified Optometry Doctor and the founder of Opthametry.com. Her diverse background adds a unique perspective to her writings.


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