Assalamu Alaikum,

Many of you asked me about my blog and you also wanted to know what hosting Provider I have run this Blog at only $35 a year .

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Before I spill out the secret , I would like to tell you some Facts –

  1. All Offers you see in Ads of most hosting Providers like hostgator,Go daddy ,etc  offer you a hosting at a Promotional rate only for the First Year. Next year you will be charged a Hefty fee . Sometime they simply cut the balance from your credit card because most of them are set to auto renew. Make sure you read the small terms and condition below the Offer.
  2. Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Disk space does not mean they are always free to whatever extent .When the traffic increase , they will ask you to upgrade to VPS etc or they will suspend your account . Some hosting suspend your account after just 1 reminder
  3. You need to check how there customer service is . I once had godaddy. They do not provide chat support in their control panel .They provide support only through phone call which I never managed to connect . You definitely need good customer service in case you messed with codes and end up seeing your website upside down.

I am writing this whole post for my Blogger friends and for People who intend to start their own Blog with the niyah to help them start and run their Blog at an affordable rate . This is the Link to the Hosting I am talking about . You can see that for 3 consecutive years I just Paid $35 .

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There are no hidden charge to this hosting .They gave me a Free Domain and absolutely absolutely no Hidden charge like godaddy, hostgator,siteground ,etc. They are Way too Costly .

Once they even refunded me when I applied for a Service and later felt that I didn’t wanted it . And their Customer service has helped me in-numerous time to get  my blog back when I played with code and ended up getting error

And as You see, My website has a good Alexa Ranking and Alhumdulillah more than 1 Lakh visitors Per month .I am Very happy with this hosting and I recommend this to every one.

You can get  a 30 Day Free Trial with this Link 

Jazak Allah Khair