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Do You Want to Learn Arabic language?

Assalamu alaikum,

I recently came across a Program for learning arabic language.It is also Popularily known as Rocket Arabic Course.If You too have an Interest in learning the Arabic Language you can use Our $50 Discount Coupon or get Rocket Arabic Vocab Builder Series worth 39$ Free by going at the bottom of the Page and clicking on “Free Trial” but I would like you to read the review first.This Course is truly an amazing language learning Program no doubt It won  the prestigious 19th Annual Best Educational Software Award last year.

What is Inside the Rocket Arabic Course:

Rocket Arabic is a learn Arabic Progam which you can take at your Own Paace and in your Own time.

learn arabic laguage-rocket arabic


I Particularily like the Language and Culture Classes.I took Understand 50% of Quran Course a few year back and it was a Success.I learned a lot.Then I decided to take a language course on Arabic.After haunting the Market I came across few Courses but either they were all too costly or they lacked the language teaching Mechanism I needed.Well,I am a Person who gets bored easily and I wanted a fun way of learning .This Particular Posture Captured my attention.

learn arabic laguage-rocket arabic

Living in Madina Province of Saudi Arabia,I feel arabic is a necessity not Only because it will make Interaction easier but because then you can understand Allah’s word too.Yes,I am talking about Quran.Arabic is a beautiful language Masha Allah and in my opinion We all should try to learn this beautiful language.

I Signed up for this course.I am taking you to My Dashboard:The left hand side of the Dashboard gives you an Overview on how to use the Course.Take a look

learn arabic laguage-rocket arabic


My Badges

My Badges is the Rocket Arabic points system that empowers you to increase your learning status by completing key elements of the course.Everything you do in your Rocket Arabic course earns you Rocket Points. So the more you learn the more points you’ll get.

My Forum

To have the best chance of success with mastering Arabic, you need a strong network of fellow learners and native speakers to help you along when you get stuck. You don’t want to be sitting there throwing your hands up in the air in frustration if you come across a tricky bit. It’s just like having your own Arabic teacher, virtually “on call”!

My Notes

In each and every lesson you can add notes to help you remember any aspect of the lesson. Just look for the My Notes section at the bottom of each lesson.This page displays all of your notes that have been saved. You can click on the lesson name below to go straight back to the lesson.

My Vocab

 My Vocab is a learning tool that makes it easy for you to practice and remember the vocabulary that is most important to YOU.Just double click on any Arabic word within a lesson, and then click the aBc icon to add it to My Vocab.You can also search for any word or phrase and see where it appears in the course and the different ways in which it is used.


Rocket Arabic comes with 25 articles that will give you cutting edge learning techniques; tips, tricks and ideas that will dramatically cut the amount of time you need to study.

The Course has a total of 8 Module:Let us take a look at the Interactive Audio Course:

Each level of each course has over 60 hours of audio-style lessons. Each lesson has an audio track along with a variety of reinforcement tests to make what you learn “stick”. They are designed so you can learn during your commute to work, or anytime that you are on the go, using your Mac, PC or mobile device with the Android or iOS app

learn arabic laguage-rocket arabic

In Each Module You have:
1)Interactive Audio lessons
2)Audio Snippets from the lesson to memorise each lesson
3)Conversion transcripts
4)Extra Vocabulary that We have learned on the Way
5)Write it! helps you to improve your written Arabic and your understanding of sentence structures. Just listen to the audio and type in what you hear
6)Know it! tests you on your ability to translate English to Arabic!
7)Quiz !Test your knowledge with these multiple-choice questions.
8)Play it! really gets you thinking on the spot by letting you take part in an actual conversation.Select who you want to play and how much of the transcript you wish to see (the higher the Level the less you see!).
My Notes:To Save Some Notes.

Similiarly in the Language and Culture -Rocket Arabic Course:

Language & Culture lesson!A key fact that has been surprisingly often “overlooked” by some other “big name” companies is that you MUST know the mechanics of how Arabic works for you to truly master Arabic.

That’s why Rocket Arabic has in-depth, step by step instructions on how Arabic actually works.

Each level also has over 60 hours of Language & Culture lessons, where you will not onlydiscover the mechanics of the language, but also access audio tracks of 1000’s of common words and phrases.

learn arabic laguage-rocket arabic
Besides the Above two Programs the Survival Kit and Flashcards are Awesome.
Arabic Language


The Flashcard shows you a Picture.You have to Identify the Picture shown as a MCQ Pattern.When You click on the right Option It is BRAVO! and then You get the next question. You can then check your final score and Repeat the test until you become an expert !


If You wish to take his course  you can  take the Free Trial 
The Free Trial gives you :
  • Instant access to a trial of Rocket Arabic Premium, incl. 4 hours of lessons & more
  • The weekly Rocket Arabic Vocab Builder Series (via email). Usually $39,which is  Free with signup
  • Instant access to the eBook:
    Ordinary Ways to Learn a Language Extraordinarily Fast. $19, Free

If You Want to Take the Full Course,You Can USE OUR DISCOUNT CODE to get 50$

They give a 60 Days Money Back guarantee.In case you are not satisfied with the Course you can Quit from the Course anytime.



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