Quran Surah Nasr Notes

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Quran notes Surah Nasr: Why is it named surah Nasr?Surah Nasr takes its name from the word occurring in the first verse-nasr.Period of revelation Hadrat Abdullah bin Abbas radi allahu anhu states that this is the last Surah of the Quran to be revealed, i. e. no complete Surah was sent down to the Holy Prophet after it. (Muslim Nasai, Tabarani, Ibn Abi Shaibah, Ibn Marduyah)Importance Ibn Abbas says that…

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Quran Notes Surah Ikhlas and Surah Kafiroon

Continuing our weekly Quran Journal series, here we are with reflection on Quran- surah Ikhlas and Surah al kafiroon. To make the understanding of Quran easier, I have started a Quran journal in a very easy English. This is not a fancy journal but it is in a very easy format and my intention of doing it on a plain paper is so that even the kids can follow…

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Review Notes on Surah al-Maida

Notes helps in quick reference and act as a mind Map. Today, I would like to share my notes from Surah al-Maida which is the fifth Surah of Quran. With the simple notes from Surah al-Maida, I wish to share the lessons I learnt from Quran and the Quranic Verses which has touched me the most. May this help us increase in productivity and guide us to be a…

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Nine Golden rules extracted from Surah Al Hujurat

NINE GOLDEN RULES EXTRACTED FROM SURAH Al HUJURAT Surah Hujurat is the 49th surah (chapter) of the Qur'an with 18 ayat. It focuses on social etiquette among the Muslims and between the Muslims and the Prophet, and notably states that faith is proven through action, not words. This Surah is very beautiful . I would like to share with you the 9 golden rules extracted from Surah Hujurat. 1.…

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