Islamic Prayer : How to Pray in Islam?

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         Islamic Prayer-Namaj/salah How to Pray in Islam? Salah/Namaj is the Islamic Prayer which is Obligatory/fardh on all Muslims. A new Convert is always faced with a Question"How to Pray"?How to offer salah? Both Men and Women are required to do Wudu before Salah. Wudu is Purification and Cancel's out One's Sin.Here is an Infograph Explaining How to do Wudu: After Performing,Wudu,We Stand for Salah. Here…

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Dua after Adhan اذان -How to reply to adhan

We hear Adhan 5 Times a day. This is the dua we should read after Adhan: Dua after Adhan : Allahumma rabba hadhihi-d-da‘awati-t-tamma​ti wa-s-Salati-l-qa’imati, ati Muhammadan il-wasilata wa-l-fadilata (wa-d-darajata-r-rafî‘ati)​ wa-b‘ath-hu maqamam mahmudan illadhi wa‘adtahu (innaka la tukhliful mi'ad) Azan dua 0 ALLAH, Lord of this most perfect call, and of the Prayer that is about to be established, grant to Muhammad the favor of nearness (to You) and excellence…

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