let us see who scores a 10 in this easy salah quiz

Let us see who scores a 10 in this easy Salah Quiz

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How many times Does a Muslim Prays in a day?

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Is it Punishable offence to leave a Fardh Salah ?

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What do you call the Funural Prayer

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What is said to announce the time of prayer?

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This second call is given right before the prayer actually begins. What is this called?

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Towards which direction do the Muslim Pray ?

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Which Prayer Call has an additional phrase "Al-salâtu khayru min an-naûm"

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Originally, how many times a day salah was initially ordained by Allah?

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What is the number of rewards for offering salah at the haram (Ka'ba)?

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What is the number of rewards for offering salah at the Masjid Nabawi?

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Salah Quiz- A Quiz on Muslim Prayer

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  1. Seema

    May god give Everyone success, happiness, peace of mind and give all of us focus more on religion and faith in god. Help others in all ways and pray for all wholeheartedly. Whoever is doing this job, god take away all problems in life. Beautiful work and easy to understand and pray for us. Very good deed Ameen oh I can see only one person, god has given this beautiful gift to a great legend

  2. Mustapha

    Lo!I scored only 8.

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