Hajj and Umrah

Read about the Secrets of  pilgrimage destination of Muslim-“Mecca and Madina”. And Associated Hajj and Umrah News,Pictures and Videos.

ziyarah places madina

The Virtue of Madina and Ziyarat Places in Madina

Ziyarat Places in Madina and Virtue of Madina Assalamu alaikum ,Have You been to Madina ? It is mesmerizing. Right? ...
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Close Up View of Kaaba – Know Kaaba better !

Let us Understand Kaaba Better! Have you been to mecca ?Have you seen the Kaaba? I bet that even If ...
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Saudi Shoura proposes women-only timings for Black Stone ritual

Good News ! for Women Pilgrims If You remember my post on Black Stone ,I wrote about its history and ...
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Planning Umrah With Infant/Baby? This bag is a lifesaver

Planning Umrah with a Baby? Pick this Handy Bag to ease your Stress Are You Planning for Umrah and you ...
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Soon Mecca will have the World’s largest Hotel in the World

Mecca will soon host the World's Largest Hotel called Abraj Kudai Complex Twelve towers, 10,000 rooms and 70 restaurants, plus ...
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My First Visit to Madina Munawarrah

The Awe of Madina I had waited long to see Madina,the City of my beloved Prophet (Sallalahu alaihi Wassalam). During ...
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packing list for hajj

Hajj Packing list and a checklist for Umrah

A Smart Packing list for Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims The excitement of going to Mecca comes with a nervousness of ...
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A Free Grand Mosque Navigation App for Pilgrims

Download the Free Grand Mosque navigation app Al-Maqsad as an easy guide to Navigate in the Grand Mosque of Mecca ...
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Hajj 2016 : Don’t bring kola nuts into our Country warns Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia warns Nigerian Pilgrim against bringing Kola Nuts in their Country The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) on ...
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15 Rare known facts on Masjid Nabawi-“The Prophet’s Mosque”

15 Quick Facts on Masjid Nabawi Masjid Nabawi has always mesmerized me with its immense charm.I have collected these lesser ...
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Rased system of grand Mosque

Rased System -The New smart system to ease congestion at Grand Mosque

"The Rased System " Developed to ease Congestion at Masjid Al Harem Reported from :Arab News A new smart system ...
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ziyarat-Pilgrimage to mecca

A List of Ziyarat Places in Mecca

A List of Places of Ziyarat Places in Mecca,Saudi Arabia : Pilgrimage to Mecca is a Life time Opportunity.All Pilgrims ...
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green Dome

The Secret of the Green Dome of Masjid Nabawi

The Green Dome of Masjid Nabawi Peace and Blessings on Our Prophet-Prophet Muhammad(Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam).When we talk of the Green ...
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Interesting Story of Hajr e aswad,the black stone of kaaba

Some Rare Known Facts of Hajr e Aswad - the black stone of Kaaba Hajr e Aswad (the Kaaba black ...
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plots to steal body of Prophet Muhammad

Plots to Steal the Body of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)

PLOTS TO STEAL THE BODY OF PROPHET(pbuh)FROM HIS GRAVE You will be Shocked to Know that about Five Plots were ...
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Why Non Muslims cannot enter Mecca

Why Non Muslim cannot enter Mecca?

Why Non Muslim cannot Enter Mecca and Madina? Can A Non Muslim Enter Mecca? There are Many Non muslims Working ...
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A Curious tale of Aghas the Guardians of Masjid Nabawi

The curious tale of the Aghas / the Abyssinian Guardians of Masjid Nabawi The Prophet’s Mosque is also known as ...
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Hajj in the Past and Hajj Now-(Comparison with images)

Technology and Changing world : Hajj of Past and Present Hajj is a 1400 year Old tradition and and holds ...
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stampede history

History of worst Stampede during Hajj(Infograph)

Day 3:Hajj STAMPEDE DURING HAJJ A heartbreaking tragedy occured on way to jamarat,Mina on thursday,24 september 2015.717 pilgrims were killed ...
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The day of Arafat

Why Hajj is Arafat? The day of Arafat is the second day of Hajj.The Messenger of Allah (salla Allahu alayhi ...
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changing of kiswa 2015

Changing of Kiswa 2015

Changing of the Kiswa,the cover of Ka'aba 2015 On Day of Arafat:9 Dul Hijja Kiswah (Arabic: كسوة الكعبة‎, kiswat al-ka’bah) ...
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Hajj diary 2015

Diary of a pilgrim:Hajj Diary 2015

HAJJ DIARY: HASTENING FOR HAJJ 21/09/2015 I am standing in the blessed sanctury of Mecca,ready to Perform my Hajj .Hajj ...
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A guide to buy dates

Different types of Dates to buy from Medina ?A guide to buy date.

Worried about the nutritional value and the Shelf life of dates ?Here is a guide to buy the Best Date ...
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raudah -ladies

My Visit to Raudhah-Masjid nabawi (ladies section)

Raudhah-Masjid Nabawi is the only place on earth which is the paradise on earth.The ladies section of Raudhah is a ...
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e bracelet for Hajis

New e-Bracelets soon for the Hajj Pilgrims

TECHNOLOGY UPDATE NEW e-BRACELETS SOON FOR THE HAJJ PILGRIMS The ministry of Saudi Arabia aims to serve pilgrims and visitors ...
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Tawaf in hoverboard

TAWAF IN HOVERBOARD: OPINION I have seen some children in mecca using a hoverboard.And although I have picked this video ...
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wadi e jinn


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Raudhah of Masjid Nabawi

ZIYARAH TO MASJID-NABAWI(PROPHET 'S MOSQUE) Millions of People dream to make a Visit to the resting Place of our Beloved ...
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Hajj Tips 2016-A Hajj guide for Pilgrims

Tips to Prepare for Hajj Here are tips and free books on Hajj that will definitely help you in the ...
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Secrets of the cover of Ka’aba (KISWA )

The Beautiful Kiswa or the Ghilaf of kaaba Everytime I go for Umrah,I always wonder about the drape of kaab'a-the ...
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHI-ho2c19U Mecca, known to the Muslim faithful as Umm al-Qura, the Mother of Cities, is the holiest place in the ...
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MADINA: The Blessed city of prophet

GEMS OF MADINA-THE BLESSED CITY OF PROPHET “For the believer, Madina is the best place. If only they could understand ...
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golden ratio and Islam

Golden Ratio and Islam :The Miracle of Mecca

The Golden Ratio Proves that Islam is a true Religion Islam is a Religion which believes in One Supreme God ...
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Ramadhan kareem. The month of Ramadhan has started and many of us must have started planning for the divine journey ...
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