Building a Modest Fashion Wardrobe

Masha Allah, with so many people accepting Islam as their deen and wanting to adopt the Islamic way of clothing and eating, I would like to suggest some modest dressing ideas. This post is on behalf of a reader who has recently accepted Islam and wants to know how to use the sale season to build a modest wardrobe 🙂

Generally speaking, modest dress is anything that covers you and doesn’t expose your awrah. It should be loose and comfortable and shouldn’t reveal the skin. If you want to wear your own clothes (anything you like), you can get an abaya and wear it over your clothes. There is a misconception in society that Muslim women wear boring clothes. The reality is that Muslim women can wear any dress they like but under their abayas. So, talking about an Islamic dress wardrobe – an Islamic wardrobe generally consists of jilbabs, hijabs, tunics, hoodies, shrugs, skirts, salwar kameez, long skirts, etc.

Here is a glimpse of some modest dress styles for your Modest Fashion Wardrobe

Modest Fashion Wardrobe

Jeans Abaya

Modest Fashion Wardrobe

Those Who like Trendy Fashion,the Jeans Abaya are very much appealing and it is also very durable.

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Building a Modest Fashion Wardrobe 15

Convertible Wrap Hijab

The Convertible Wrap Hijab is the perfect everyday Hijab. It is Pin-free with a controlled fit . You can style this Hijab twenty different ways! With just one knot you can take this Hijab from casual to formal in seconds. The contoured cut makes it look great on everyone. It’s designed so you can control every aspect of your look. You are in control of the fit, coverage, and style!

Abaya -Simple and Elegant

Choose between a range of different designs, from the classic shirt abaya, an oversized abaya or the ever flattering high neck abaya. Available in a variety of colours, from sophisticated burgundies to everyday greys. check in Amazon

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Hoodies Top

Those who like Hoodies can get some long full sleeve hoodies tops. Check hoodies in amazon

image 3

Long Skirts

Long skirts are long and loose.They do not show the body figure and they look elegant. You can wear it with long t shirts or long buttoned collared shirts.

image 4

Cardigan for your modest Fashion Wardrobe

Modest Fashion Wardrobe

This is a stylish way to cover your arms when you are wearing a maxi dress. It’s a perfect cloth when the days are bit colder for keeping you warm in a stylish way. You can pair it up with belt and wear with your plain maxi dress to get simple and modest look. Or it can be worn causally just to cover up.


If you want to try something different then maxi dress with blazer is a perfect choice for you. It looks very stylish when you wear it with plain or patterned maxi dress. For example you can try pleated or fancy maxi dress with formal blazer and also add some unique pieces of accessories that make you look standout in a modest way.

Active Sports Wear

The Sports Hijab are specially designed Hijab for the Muslim Woman which can help them to be in Hijab during sports .They are made of light material fabric and sleek design which help your hijab stay in place during running,jumping or swimming . Read our article on  sports Hijab 

Basic Workout Pant_Turquoise(Out of stock)_Front_View

See Workout Pants

Salwar Suits

Salwar suits are traditionally worn by Muslim Women in India and Pakistan . You can get Salwar suits in many styles .It can be long kurti, anarkali style , lehenga style  and so many other styles I can’t even describe. You can browse more styles in amazon


Long  Shirts

Long Shirts looks classic.It can be worn with straight Pants and even Jeans.

image 1

Prayer Clothes

Prayer Dresses are not only easy to wear but they are made of fabric that is comfortable . The prayer set are traditionally worn over the  clothes for prayers, reading of Quran or additional modesty when in groups.The Best thing is that you can wear it over any western wear or night dress (for those Special Night Ibadahs 🙂 Read more Here

White Prayer Dress


silk scarf

We have compiled a list of fabric that you may come across at a hijab shop .So, lets look at some of them – different types of Scarf /Hijab Fabrics .

Dress well, adopt the hijab, feel good. All the best.

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