English Islamic Cartoons for Kids

English Islamic Cartoons for Kids

English Islamic Cartoon for Kids

There is a series of English Islamic Cartoons for Kids which teaches Islamic Etiquette to the Kids.It also helps the Kids to memorise the Quranic dua and effectively implement them in their Life. This Islamic cartoon revolves around the interaction of a brother and sister named Abdul Bari and Ansharah . Ansharah the elder sister teaches dua  and morals to  Abdul Bari .It is a Very nice series and your child will definately love it .

Here is the Playlist.It has 42 Cartoons . So, If You Your child is able to memorise all of these, than he has effctively memorised almost all important duas that We need to read in our day to day life . It also teaches morals to kids at an early age and as we know that childhood is a fertile ground , theses videos are great tools of Effective Islamic Parenting.

It is also available in an apps form .Read about it and other more Islamic apps for Kids here

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