10 Supercool Sports hijab for Muslim Athletes

sports hijab

Sports Hijab

Assalamu alaikum, Today We will be talking about the Sports Hijab . Subhan Allah ! Muslim girls are doing great in the field of Sports . They are taking their Hijab with them and showing the world that Hijab has nothing to do with Oppression . Muslim athletes have proved time and again that you can excel in sports with your Hijab On .

The Sports Hijab are specially designed Hijab for the Muslim Woman which can help them to be in Hijab during sports .They are made of light material fabric and sleek design which help your hijab stay in place during running,jumping or swimming .

Some Best Sports Hijab available in the market are listed below.May this help you in your Sports Hijab hunt.


1)Hooda Sports Hijab


Hooda Hijab is a  new innovative sports hijab. It is made of 3 types of lightweight fabric to give you the needs of both performance and coverage. It is Available : M,L,XL,2XL sizes  . With Hooda Hijab you do not need to worry about your hijab flipping or not secured while working out. You can focus on your workout, wherever you are. Run, jump, cycle, yoga, zumba and stretch because they give a super coverage.

You can get it Here

2)2 Piece Sports Hijab

Amin Extended Sports Hijab  is in 2 Piece.One for the head and the other for the chest . It provides good chest covering for outdoor and indoor activities. Weight at 75 grams only, the hijab is made of completely breathable fabric. Suitable for performance, the Amin Extended Sports Hijab is good for running, trailing, and any outdoor and indoor activities. It is so light that you don’t feel like having a hijab on.

You can get it Here

3) 2 Piece- No pins Sports Hijab

2 pieces set, Inner for Hair Fix. This 2 pieces hijab includes under cap and the top layer hijab. Put on the under cap and then put face through a sewn closure that falls underneath the chin which forms a face opening in the head and neck cover.Material: Polyester Cotton Mix. Very Comfortable, Breathable, Elastic.It is elegant, good looking. Easy and quick to put on. No pins are  required . Just Put in and forget about the mess of adjusting Hijab again and again.

You Can get it Here

4)Neck cover underscarf and Silk Hijab

This beautiful Red hijab gives a very beautiful coverage and although it is available in many colours .You  can get it here  and match it with a silk scarf like this

You can pair the above full coverage underscarf with the above  beautiful Silk Scarf .

5)Running /Baseball/Basketball Hijab


If you are not great at managing your Hijab while engaged in sports,this is an answer for all your worries .Just look at the beautiful pattern.All you need to do is to put it on and done.No pins required,No Mess ,and made with breathable fabric.You can buy this Hijab in different colors .

You can get it here

7) Sports Hijab with beautiful lace

This is another Top quality fabric model cotton make the scarf is super elasticity, soft, breathable,sweat absorption .It has a gauze lace and is made of Lightweight and stretchable fabric keep you comfortable in any position

You can get it here

8) Bandana Sports Headscarf Paired with White Scarf

This is actually an underscarf  or  you can say a sports bandana  .You can match any of your shawl or square/triangle Hijab. This one is available in 3 shades,white,gray and black and you can

The Mix & Match is a sports head scarf that can adapt to your everyday sports activities. Whether it is for jogging,yoga, basket-ball or a combat sport the Mix & Match will provide a comfortable and stylish solution to your trainings.
One of the cool features of the Mix & Match is that you can easily remove the bandanna to easily match the colors with your mood and your clothes.You can get it Here

you can match it with a white cotton scarf to get this look


9) Full Coverage Ninja Hijab

Full coverage inner hijab ninja is  for everyday wear includes summer. It is made of comfortable soft cotton fabric that functioning well in absorbing sweat.It is also  Design with ear access function so that you can listen to your favorite music with earphones while doing sport activities or just your everyday duties in office. Very good in keeping your scarf/hijab stays in place.

It is Good for Running ,is made of breathable material and comes in a variety of colors. The special and light weight material covers your head comfortably letting you transpire easily and keeping your head cool!

  • It is a Very good  Product for people in teens .Check your Size properly before buying .
  • You can get it here 


Full Sports Hijab for Swimming

It is a modest swimwear with top with hijab and a Pant.You can read more about it here

These Hijabs are usually made with a combination of Polyster and spandex material and have a UPF block of 50 or more .They dry very Quickly and  Provide full coverage and are also Known by the name Burqini.

How do you like them?Do feel free to share your views in the comment Box below.



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