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10 Islamic Parenting Advice by real Parents

1. Our children are like sponges, they absorb everything they see and hear. They emulate what we do, so before fixing them, let’s fix ourselves and our character. They learn more by seeing our actions rather than hearing our commandments that are thrown at them.

2. Memorize the acronym H.A.L.T. Tantrums often happen because the thrower is Hungry, Agitated, Lonely, or Tired.

3. We are leading such fast paced lives that we often forget to invest our time and energy on our beautiful children that Allah has blessed us with.Talk to your kids, and most importantly, listen to what they have to say. Nothing can boost a child’s self esteem more than having parents who make them feel appreciated, important and loved!

4. As parents, doing daily chores for kids can get repetitive, boring and sometimes even annoying.However, have you ever thought of these acts to be a beautiful form of ibadah?When done with the niyyah of pleasing Allah, you automatically begin to collect innumerable good deeds. So the next time you feel overwhelmed with parenting duties that are mundane, remind yourself that you are earning Jaanah .

5. As parents, we want the best for our kids.It’s not surprising to see parents spend all their time, money and energy in making sure their kids get the best education and the best learning resources from the best universities out there.Although there’s nothing wrong in this, dunya goals more often than not, end up taking precedence over akhirah goals.So the next time you plan your kids’ future , remember to set goals for their akhirah too.Make them understand the importance of 5 daily salah, of reading at least 5 verses of the Quran, of giving some amount of charity, etc.

6. Equip your home with an Islamic library.There are plenty of Islamic books, Quizzes, activities, audio/video cassettes and exciting resources aimed at different age groups that introduce various aspects of Islam to our children. Make it a habit to start investing slowly but steadily and build a mini islamic library of your own.The fruits of this investment will surprise you!

7. Allow children to learn from their mistakes/sins.Make them follow up a bad deed with a good deed to erase the bad deed (Thirmidhi). This is how you keep the words of our Prophet (saws) alive.

8. When your child dreams big and shares his/her ambition with you, don’t shoot it down as being too “impractical” or “impossible”.Rather, make them believe that with determination and dua , Allah can make anything possible.This is how the seeds of tawakkul are sowed in young minds.

9. Pay attention at age 14. Put screens aside and circle the wagons every night. Ask, “What’s new with your friends?” This will (here’s hoping, if he talks) give you a chance to decode what’s happening behind the scenes and offer support.

10. Too often, parents worry about their children’s rizq and due to that they force or pressure their child into a certain field, thinking that is where success lies. Sometimes they will encourage their children to be neglectful of religious duties, thinking that it will give them more time to progress in the world. Sometimes parents put their children in environments that lead their children astray, because they believe that those environments give their children status and access to elite places and positions.Then they cry if their children lose their Deen. It is then that they realise that they had prioritised the wrong things. I know parents who told their daughters to remove their hijabs to further their careers, parents who forced sons who could have been the future thinkers and leaders of the Ummah, who could have been world class in their preferred fields, to study medicine. Let us be parents of a greater vision. Let us raise a generation my brothers & sisters who know that their success lies with taqwa of Allah first and foremost – that He is the source of rizq.Let us allow our children to flourish in fields that our limited imaginations cannot imagine them making a living from. Do we not have tawakkul? Will you be brave? Will you do this dear parents? Bismillaah…onward! To a new future for our youth, to new leaders & thinkers…

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