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99 Names of Allah -Part 2 (Seeking help with Asma ul Husna Series )

Assalamu Alaikum,

Accept my Apologies for Keeping you waiting and Jazak Allahu khair for the reminder to upload the next part of the Series .All thanks to Allah ,that it is helping you improve your connection with Allah swt  . The First Part was Published in Ramadan . Here is the link to the First Part . In Sha Allah , I will try to complete the Series .Do remember me in your Precious Prayer and Please , Please Pray to Allah swt to keep giving barakah in my time . Jazak Allah Khair.

So, In the Previous Post We covered” Seeking Dua with Asma ul Husna till Ism ” Al-‘Qaabid The Withholder ” Which was number 20 . So Here is the Second Part of the Series where we will cover few more names,In Sha Allah.

99 Names of Allah – Part 1

21 :  AL-BASITO (The Expender)

O Allah, you are Al Basito , The Expender

Quran ad
99 Names of Allah -Part 2 (Seeking help with Asma ul Husna ) Series 13
  • O Allah! we know You are the Giver of all gifts. Make us of those who are grateful for Your gifts and use them to please You, and adorn us with love for You.
  • O Allah! Make us ponder Your gifts, inspire us to give gifts to others, and give us from Your mercy that overwhelms us in this present world and the world to come. Verily, You are the best giver of gifts, ameen!

22 : AL-KHAFIDO (The Abaser/Reducer)

O Allah, You are Al Khafido , You can lower whoever you will by your destruction and raise anyone you will by your endowment

99 Names of Allah -Part 2 (Seeking help with Asma ul Husna ) Series 14
  • O Allah ! All Might and Power belongs to you and Only You .
  • O Allah ! Whatever I am it is because of Your Mercy .Oh Allah be Pleased with me and Make me among the righteous .

O Allah ! Make me humble  and do not make me among those who earn your wrath. Ameen.

23 : Ar-Raafi’: The Elevating One

O Allah ! You are the Exalter, The Elevator, The One who lowers whoever He willed by His Destruction and raises whoever He willed by His Endowment.

  • O Allah ! You elevate People to different Ranks .O Allah ! elevate my Rank too.
  • O Allah ! When You raise me On the Day of Resurrection, Raise me with the Prophets and Anbiyas.
  • O Allah ! Elevate my Rank in Duniya too and let No One be displeased with me because of my deeds and Action .Ameen.

24 :Al-Mu’izz: The Honourer-Bestower

O Allah, You are the Honourer

99 Names of Allah -Part 2 (Seeking help with Asma ul Husna ) Series 15
  • O Allah! Help us in understanding and acting upon Your glorious Book and make us of the dhaakireen, those who remember You continuously with a beautiful glory and praise.
  • O Allah ! Make us respectful to others, keep granting us honor through Islam and bestow upon us the honour of gazing upon Your Countenance in Paradise, ameen!

25 : Al-Mudhill: The Abaser

O Allah ! You are  Al-Mudhill .You can Honour anyone and Disgrace anyone

  • O Allah ! All Praise belongs to you.You are free of any need from us . There is none who can degrade you and you can degrade any one whom you will .
  • O Allah! you give esteem to whoever you will and We cannot glorify you enough .
  • Ya Allah! there is none like you .

26 : Al Sameo : The All Hearing

O Allah, As-Samee’, we know You hear every sound and thought.

  • O Allah ! Aid us to watch our tongues and use them for Your sake only.
  • O Allah ! protect us from foul speech, bless our tongue and our hearing, and make us of those whose prayers are answered, ameen!

27 :Al-Basir: The All-Seeing

O Allah, Al-Baseer, we know You see every move we make.

  • O Allah ! Aid us to watch our deeds and use our sight and insight for Your sake only, and make us grateful for the blessings of our senses.
  • O Allah ! Protect us from bad deeds, and support us in doing everything we do, in worship and worldly affairs, with excellence, ameen!

28 : Al-Hakam: The Impartial Judge

O Allah, Al-Hakam, we know You are the Perfect Judge.

  • O Allah ! Aid us to adhere to your legislation in our daily lives, make us of those who are equal and just to others and of those who always stand up for the truth.
  • O Allah ! Protect us from the injustice of others, adorn us with reliance upon You and Your justice at all times, ameen!

29 : Al-‘Adl: The Embodiment of Justice

O Allah, Al-Adl, we know that You are the One who is the most Just

  • O Allah !Make us of those who are content with Your decisions.
  • O Allah ! Adorn us with wisdom in dealing with ourselves and others.
  • O Allah ! Make us reflect on Your wisdom by looking at creation. Ameen!

30 : Al-Lateef: The Subtle

O Allah Al-Lateef, we know You are the most subtle and perceive every detail.

  • O Allah ! Make us fear You as if we see You. Aid us to always be thankful for Your kindness and patient in hardships .
  • O Allah ! Make us of those who are kind and gentle to others, inspire us to contemplate your beautiful names and attributes by reflecting on the universe and all that’s in it instead of merely using it to satisfy our needs. Ameen!

31 : Al-Khabeer: The All- Aware One

O Allah ! You are the One who knows the truth of things.

  • O Allah ! we know that You watch over and control all things.
  • O Allah ! Guide us to be watchful over our hearts and our obligations towards you, adorn us with worshiping you as though we see You for if we don’t see you, You surely see us, aid us in purifying our intentions, help us remember Your watchfulness over us, ameen

32 : Al-Halim: The Clement One

O Allah Al-Haleem, we know You are the Most Forbearing and You delay and cancel Your Punishment with great Wisdom.

  • O Allah ! Protect us from taking advantage of Your Hilm by persisting in bad deeds, aid us to return to You after we sin, adorn us with gratitude for Your Forbearance and patience in hardships .
  • O Allah ! Make us of those who are forbearing and kind to others, never be arrogant and help us to develop hilm in times of anger, ameen!

33 .Al-‘Adheem: The Magnificent One

O Allah Al-‘Adheem, we know You are the magnificent and Your strength and greatness are beyond our comprehension.

  • O Allah ! Make us glorify You and turn to You in hardship and ease, aid us to fear no one and nothing but You.
  • O Allah ! guide us to be of the those who are always in a state of awarenss of Your might and grandeur, and make our scales heavy by remembering You and living by Your beautiful names, ameen!

34  : Al-Ghafuur: The Great Forgiver

O Allah, Al-Ghafoor, we know that You are the most forgiving.

  • Oh Allah ! No matter the size and amount of our sins, we call on You to forgive our sins, hide our faults from others, and protect us from the effects of our bad deeds in this life and the next, to support us in never despairing of Your mercy, and aid us in forgiving others
  • Ameen!

35 ,Ash-Shakuur: The Acknowledging One

Ya Allah ,We Know that you are the one  who gives a lot of reward for a little obedience.

O Allah we know that You are the answerer and fulfiller of prayers. Guide us to respond to Your call and be responsive to those in need and make us call upon and supplicate to you in the best manner. Don’t let our prayers be unanswered and adorn us with certainty in Your response, ameen!

36 . Al-‘Ali: The Sublime One

Ya Allah ! We know that you are the One who is clear from the attributes of the creatures.

  • O Allah, Al-‘Aliy, we know that You are far above any imperfection. Help us to be humble, to fight our desires, and to never place anyone or anything above You.
  • O Allah ! Make us increase our sujood with body and heart. Accept our good words and deeds and aid us to pray to you night and day. Elevate our ranks until we reach the highest Paradise, ameen!

37 . Al-Kabeer: The Great One

O Allah, Al-Kabeer, we know that Your Greatness is perfect and beyond our imaginations.

  • O Allah ! Help us to reflect on Your greatness in order for us to stay close to Your commandments.
  • O Allah ! Inspire us to magnify you in a proper way. Adorn us with pride in Islam, protect us from arrogance, and make us of those who attain the highest ranks with You in the Highest Paradise without reckoning, ameen!

38 . Al-Hafidh: The Guarding One

O Allah, Al-Hafeedh, we know that You preserve all there ever was, is, and will be.

  • O Allah ! Give us your special protection by aiding us to fulfill Your commands, help us to be mindful of even the smallest sins, and make us rush to repent and be thankful to You for Your protection.
  • O Allah ! Honour us by making us of those who memorize the Quran and support us in our belief and awareness of Your knowledge, preservation and recompense so we will strive to please You and earn Your Gardens, ameen!

39 . Al-Muqit: The Sustaining One

O Allah, Al-Muqeet, we know that You are the only One able to maintain all there ever was, is and will be.

  • O Allah !Sustain our bodies and souls , make us recognize Your sustenance and guide us to be of those who use their sustenance to gain Your Pleasure and become a way of sustenance for others, teaching others and leading them to You. Bless us with reliance on You and make us seek You only for everything we want or need, ameen!

40 . Al-Haseeb: The Reckoning One

O Allah, Al-Haseeb, we know that You measure and bring all to account.

  • O Allah ! Guide us in bringing ourselves to account regularly.
  • O Allah !You are sufficient for us and You are the best disposer of our affairs, make us reflect the signs of Your amazing attribute of hasaba in the entire universe and in ourselves and make us enter Jannatul Firdaws al ‘Allaa without reckoning, ameen!

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