Advice on Hajj 2022 by ministry of Hajj and Umrah.

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It is important to prepare and plan for Hajj.

Make sure to have all necessary vaccinations that are required by the Saudi health system, where the Saudi Ministry of Health encourages pilgrims and mu’tamirs to have the seasonal influenza vaccine before arrival in the Kingdom, as well as Covid-19 vaccines. For more information about these vaccinations, visit the Website of the Ministry of Health:

In the event that a pilgrim adheres to a treatment plan that requires certain medicines, please prepare and keep them in a way that does not affect their validity and quality.

Prepare a kit of medical supplies that help you to be fully prepared in case of any emergency, such as a cold, diarrhea, and skin allergy. Please learn about the medicines authorized by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority. Click here

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The temperature in Makkah Al-Mukarramah varies, which may require the use of an umbrella for protection from the sun.

Bring copies of important documents that you may need during the journey, such as: Passport…etc.

You can learn about the baggage allowed to be brought from your country to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through the following link: Click here

You can come to Makkah through an integrated transportation system, by land, sea, and air:

  • Land Transport: Al-Haramain Express Train and pilgrim transportation buses.
  • Sea Transport: Jeddah Islamic Port.
  • Air Transport: Through King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah, Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz International Airport in Medina, and Taif International Airport.

For your safety, you must wear a mask and abide by social distancing during the journey.

Avoid any rushing and any harm to pilgrims and abide by instructions inside the Holy Mosque of Makkah and mashaer (holy sites).

If you travel with a group, it is advisable to accompany this group from the beginning to the end of the journey.

Make sure to carry the pilgrim identify card and the pilgrim residence card.

Make sure to exercise physical fitness to help you make Hajj journey easily. For patients with chronic and serious diseases, it is not recommended that they exert themselves too much.

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