Beautiful Kaaba Project of 8-year-Old Zidaan Barodawala.


A Proud Mom shares her 8-year-old boy’s Kaaba project for this year’s Ramadan (Ramadan 2020).

” My 8 years old Zidaan made all of this by himself Mashallah. He did all the calligraphy by himself ( besides Surah Qadr which is printed on Kaba’s top). He was trying to Mimic the current Kaba with Masjid-Al-Haram. He made all the minarets & wrote surahs on it Mashallah. On the walls of the surrounding mosque is Allah(SWT)’s 99 names. I am a very proud Mom Mashaallah & wanted to share with you all his creation.” said the mom of little Zidaan Barodawala.

Take a look at his beautiful Work. Subhan Allah what a beautiful Calligraphy at such a tender age.

kaaba project
kaaba project
kaaba project
kaaba project

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  1. Creativity at it’s best Too artistic…Well done Zidaan..
    ..Congrats to proud parents & lively Dadima. May Almighty fill your life with such moments.

  2. Masha’Allah Zidaan! May Allah swt bless you kiddo. Such a nice and thoughtful project and executed with such dedication. Bless you Zidaan

  3. Assalaam walieykum zidane keep this good work your tauthts are bigger than your age keep going mashaallah from attarwala family

  4. Ma sha Allah. So proud of you Zidaan. Looks so beautiful. May Allah swt bless you and may you rise high in spirituality and get closer to Allah swt. Love you

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