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Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

Welcome to Islam Hashtag. Every month  ‘Islam Hashtag’ reaches thousands of Muslims and non-Muslims from all around the world and is doing effective work in combating Islamophobia. Many readers like our Islamic reflection column and tell us that it greatly helped them increase their iman and ikhlas. Alhumdulillah, All praise is for Allah alone.

Alhumdulillah! Alhumdulillah through Islam Hashtag many People have accepted Islam and many Quran have been donated to the New Muslims and Reverts.( see report )

But just like any other major website – we have ongoing expenses for web server rental cost, development cost and compliance cost. Islam Hashtag is a one person website run by Alimah Fahmina and running the big website all alone is a tedious job and require funds.

To run this website,We generated income generated through our Worksheets, through advertisement fee. In order to run this website we needed more funds so last year in 2022 we decided to put ads but we find the ads quite disturbing and we are planning to make this website ad FREE once again. If you want this website to be ad FREE, you can consider donating monthly. Once we reach the goal of certain donation/month, we plan to remove the google ads.In sha Allah. You can make a monthly donation and can choose to cancel your donation anytime or you can donate one-time.

Here are some Statistics of Visitors of “Islam Hashtag “:

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Website traffic – 2,64000 Session per month-96.4 million session /year.(2019) Majority readers from the US, UK, India, Pakistan

Alexa Rank: 331 293.

The beauty of crowdfunding is that many people can get together with small amounts and make a huge difference.

If You Like “Islam Hashtag and want us to continue and expand this vital work, Consider donating monthly.

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P.S : We DO NOT accept Zakat Money.

May Allah reward you with good and accept it from you. Jazakum Allahu Khair.