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I am Aafia, the owner of “Islam Hashtag”. My mission is to inform, enlighten and empower the hearts and minds of humanity to the true message of Islam. Alhumdulillah! Every month  ‘Islam Hashtag ‘ reaches thousands of Muslims and non-Muslims from all around the world and is doing effective work in combating Islamophobia and is helping everyday Muslims improve their knowledge.

Alhumdulillah through Islam Hashtag many People have accepted Islam and many Quran have been donated to the New Muslims and Reverts.

But just like any other major website – I have ongoing expenses for web server rental cost, development cost and compliance cost.

For the last 3 years my husband has been helping me to pay the cost of maintaining this Website. As the readers are growing, the cost of running the website is growing too.

Here are some Statistics of Visitors of “Islam Hashtag ” :

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Email Subscribers: 9500 and is increasing everyday ..

The beauty of crowdfunding is that many people can get together with small amounts and make a huge difference

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