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I am Aafia ,the owner of “Islam Hashtag” .My mission is to inform, enlighten and empower the hearts and minds of humanity to the true message of Islam. Alhumdulillah ! Every month  ‘Islam Hashtag ‘ reaches thousands of Muslims and non-Muslims from all around the world and is doing effective work in combating Islamophobia and is helping everyday Muslims improve their knowledge .

Alhumdulillah through Islam Hashtag many People have accepted Islam and many Quran have been donated to the New Muslims and Reverts .

But just like any other major website – I have an ongoing expenses for web server rental cost ,development cost  and compliance cost.

Since last 3 years my husband has been helping me to pay the cost of maintaining this Website .As the readers are growing ,the cost of running the website is growing too .

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Email Subscribers : 9500 and is increasing everyday ..

The beauty about crowdfunding is that many people can get together with small amounts and make a huge difference

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