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Free English translation of Quran:

Assalamu alaikum wrwb, This is Alimah Fahmina, the founder of Islam Hashtag. I have a deep love of Qur’an and I feel the message of Qur’an needs to be conveyed to all the humanity because Qur’an is a book by Allah,our creator for the whole of humanity and not just the Muslims. Alhumdulillah I have organised this ” Free Quran Donation Project” and I intend to gift an English Quran every month In Sha Allah.

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How to request

If you need an English translation of Quran, all you need to do is >> email us / Place a request in the comment box and don’t forget to mention your country. Send us a message via facebook/ instagram for a greater chance to be the next selected one.

  • We place the order via Amazon so if you are applying, make sure that Amazon delivers at your place.
  • Please mention if you are revert or a born Muslim and your country of residence.
  • Reverts, those learning about Islam and those living in India and US shall be preferred.

The name of the chosen person shall be announced on 1st of every month In sha Allah.(updated here In sha Allah).

We will also email you to ask you about your postal address. Once the book is delivered via Amazon, we delete your details and may only keep your name, city, country and email address for records.

Announcement of the name of Chosen Person for Free English translation of Quran-

(Shall be updated here each month In sha Allah)

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2017Enrique IbarraCalifornia,Mexico
2017Roger HarmonUS
2018Sandeep verma GanarajuGermany
2018Siow Shi ChaoMalaysia
2019Cornita BurnetteUS
2019Murad Ali KhanIndia
2019Tabinda ZaheenIndia
Idhrus HumaiyaTamil Nadu
2019HumaiyaHong Kong
2019Belinda Osma MarninEngland
2019Shadan MobeenJubail
2020Jennifer RuizUSA
2020Charmainr RayesUSA
2020Silah WaseemSouth Korea
March 2022Sammah MasoodiKashmir, India
April 2022Anoud Shafi KababiNoida, India
August 2022Mohammad Mahtab AlamNoida, India
September 2022Muhammad TariqueKarnataka, India
October 2022Syed VakiloddinNagpur,India
November 2022Afshan KhanIndia
December 2022Ruhan AkhtarIndia
January 2023Mohammed AaquibMaharashtra, India
February 2023Mehfuj AhmedAssam, India
March 2023FauziaIndia
September 2023Shan AhmedAssam, India
October 2023Harish RChennai, India
November 2023Bageerathy KTamil Nadu, India
December 2023Khushi KhanGhaziabad, India

Note- We can send a different Quran than that shown in Picture depending on availibility.

free Quran
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Free English translation of Quran

Free English translation of Quran
Free English translation of Quran-received
Free English translation of Quran

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free quran
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Free Quran

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Jazak Allah Khair.