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Ihya Ulum Ad-din Review

Ihya Ulum Ad-din is one of the best book on tasawwuf. self reformation, increasing love towards Allah.

It is regarded as one of his chief works and a classic introduction to the pious muslim’s  path to salvation.

Originally spanning over 40 volumes, it deals with the principles and practices of Islam and demonstrates how these can be made the basis of a reflective religious life.

The book is divided in 4 parts-

First Quarter: On Worship (al-ibadat): Chapter 1-10

Second Quarter: On The Practices (al-adat): Chapter 11-20

Third Quarter: On The Mortal Vices (al-mublikat):Chapter 21-30

Fourth Quarter: On The Saving Virtues (al-munjiyat): Chapters 31-40

Broadly, It covers the following topics:

First Quarter – Acts of worship (Rubʿ al-ʿibadāt)
This part contains the following books:

Book 1: Book of knowledge
Book 2: Foundations of Belief
Book 3: Mysteries of Taharah
Book 4: Mysteries of Worship
Book 5: Mysteries of Zakat (Charity)
Book 6: Mysteries of Fasting
Book 7: Mysteries of Pilgrimage (Hajj)
Book 8: Etiquette of Qurʾānic Recitation
Book 9: On Invocations and Supplications
Book 10: On the Arrangements of Litanies and Divisions of the Night Vigil

Second Quarter – Norms of Daily Life (Rubʿ al-ʿadat)

This part contains the following books:

Book 11: On the Manners Related to Eating
Book 12: On the Etiquette of Marriage
Book 13: On the Etiquette of Acquisition and Earning a Livelihood
Book 14: The Lawful and Prohibited
Book 15: On the Duties of Brotherhood
Book 16: On the Etiquette of Seclusion
Book 17: On the Etiquette of Travel
Book 18: On Music and Singing
Book 19: On Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil
Book 20: Etiquette of Living and the Prophetic Mannerism

Third Quarter – The Ways to Perdition (Rubʾ al-muhlikat)
This part contains the following books:

Book 21: The Marvels of the Heart
Book 22: On Disciplining the Soul
Book 23: On Breaking the Two Desires
Book 24: Defects of the Tongue
Book 25: Condemnation of Rancor and Envy
Book 26: Condemnation of the World
Book 27: Condemnation of Miserliness and Condemnation of the Love of wealth
Book 28: Condemnation of Status and Ostentation
Book 29: Condemnation of Pride and Conceit
Book 30: Condemnation of Self-Delusion

Fourth Quarter – The Ways to Salvation (Rubʿ al-munjiyat)
Book 31: On Repentance
Book 32: On Patience and Thankfulness
Book 33: On Fear and Hope
Book 34: On Poverty and Abstinence
Book 35: Faith in Divine Unity and Trust in Divine Providence
Book 36: On Love, Longing, Intimacy and Contentment
Book 37: On Intention, Sincerity, and Truth
Book 38: On Holding Vigil and Self-Examination
Book 39: On Meditation
Book 40: On the Remembrance of Death and the Afterlife