The book Devil’s Deception  is an english translation of the book “Tablis Iblis” by Ibn al jawjee.The author Ibn al jawjee  was an Islamic scholar .His family traces their lineage back to that ofAbu Bakr, the famous companion of Muhammad and first caliph. He belonged to the Hanbali school of jurisprudential thought.The book,Devil’s Deception talks about the different sects in Islam and how are they decieved by the Devil.

It is the English translation of Tablis Iblis:

Devil’s Deception  provides a critical thinking to ward off many deceptions of the devil, which have plagued mankind from the time of Adam.This book represents an abridged translation of the introduction and four chapters from Ibn al-Jawzee’s classic, Talbees Iblees! which deals with the Devil’s deception of some Muslim.scholars, mystics and philosophers as well as deviant psuedo-Islamic sects.

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The Devil's Deception an English translation of Tablis Iblis 5

      It talks about three deviant sects in Islam:

  • Khawaarij (Khaarijites),
  • the Shee‘ah (Shia or Shi‘ites) and the
  • Baatineeyah.

The first two are the first deviations from mainstream Islaam, and the third is an offshoot of the Shee‘ah.

A book to learn history of Sects in Islam and their deviation:

This book,”Devil’s Deception” is particularily frecommended to a new muslim,who gets confused about the different sects in Islam.You must have heard the hadeeth about Islamic Sects,Prophet’s word: “Indeed the children of Isra’eel split up into 72 sects, and my ummah will split up into 73 sects; all of them are in the Fire, except one.” It was said, “Who is the [saved] one?” He replied, “That which I and my Companions are upon.”This book encourages the reader to exert his best effort to be in the true part of guidence.

The Rising devil:

It should be realized that the prophets brought a crystal clear message which they successfully used to confront, the illnesses of society and to effectively cure them according to a common methodology. However, Satan came and introduced ambiguities into the clear message, mixed poison with the cures, and obscured the straight path by creating around it countless deviant paths.

Down through the ages Satan continued to play with people’s minds until they fragmented into a multitude of absurd denominations and sects based on despicable innovations. Some eventually worshipped idols in and around the very Ka‘bah, the first house of worship built for the worship of the One God, Allaah. The Arabs made certain animals forbidden to themselves like the Saa‘ibah, a she-camel left to graze freely; the Baheerah, a Saa‘ibah’s female offspring whose ear they used to slit; the Waseelah, a sheep which had given birth seven times each time delivering twin females; and the Haamm, a stallion-camel dedicated to the gods according to certain rites. They also buried their baby daughters alive, and deprived orphans of their rightful inheritance etc. Allaah then sent Muhammad, may Allaah’s peace and blessings be on him who cancelled these detestable practices and introduced laws for the benefit of mankind. As for his companions, they travelled by the light of his guidance, during his lifetime and after his death, safe from the Devil and his enticements. But when the 5 Soorah al-Hijir 15: 39-40 14 daylight of their presence faded and the shadows of darkness fell, desires returned, innovations arose and the clear wide path became narrow. Most people split their religion into factions and the Devil rose to the occasion, obscuring, deceiving, embellishing, dividing and fabricating. For, the Devil’s deception can only take place in the dark night of ignorance. If the dawn of knowledge rises his deception is easily exposed.

The author says, “I decided to warn people about Satan’s cunning strategies by pointing out his traps because the exposure of evil is a warning against falling into it. In the Saheehs of al-Bukhaaree and Muslim there is a Hadeeth related by Hudhayfah in which he said. “People used to ask Allaah’s Messenger about the good but I used to ask him about the evil for fear of it catching hold of me.”So,this book is a must read for any muslim,if they want to know if their practices,(yes some cultural practices do contradict Islam)comply with Islam.”

It defines a  line between Muslim and the deviated sects of Islam:

The book also draws line between Shia and sunni.To protect the Muslims from falling in the grip of deviated Shia,the book had to be translated into english because the , Shiite missionary have again intensified their work  among English-speaking Muslim communities around the world that are ignorant of the history of Shiites and tenets of their creed. Spear-heading this attack is Tahrike Tarsile Qur’an, Inc., in Elmhurst, New York. This publishing company reprints popular translations of the Qur’aan by Pickthall and Yusuf Ali to gain credibility among the innocent masses. They also publish M.H. Shakir’s Shiite translation called, Holy Qur’an, along with a variety of anti-Islamic tracts like, And Then I was Guided, The Right Path, etc.

A major offensive has been launched against indigenous Muslim communities in Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Liberia. Their materials are creating doubts in the minds of young Muslims anxious for the return of Islaam in their various countries. Consequently, a number of Islamic institutions, organizations, individuals and book publishers have impressed  the need for a reprint of the Devil’s Deception on numerous occasions over the past five years and thus this book was published in english.

It should also be stated that the differences between Islaam and Shi‘ism are not only legal and political, but they touch the fundamental principles of faith. The essential difference between true Islaam and Shi‘ism lies in the concept of God and man’s relationship to God. True Islam holds that God’s attributes are unique to Him alone, while Shi‘ism has given some of God’s attributes to human beings whom they have titled ‘Imaams’. For Shi‘ites the Imaams are intermediaries between man and God, and without their intercession humans are lost. As the religion of Islaam brought by Prophet Jesus was changed by men into another religion which they named ‘Christianity’, the final revelation of Islaam brought by the last Prophet, Muhammad (3H), has been changed by men into another religion which they called ‘Shi‘ism’.

In the Muslim world a number of refutations of the Shi‘ite beliefs have been made by early scholars, and Shi‘ite deviations from the mainstream are well known. Also a number of books and pamphlets have been written recently in rebuttal to the Shi‘ite’s deceptive call to mend the rift between Sunni and Shee‘ah. However, due to the extreme scarcity of material in English concerning the history of Shi ‘ites and their creed, little or no comparison can be made by new-Muslims. They are subsequently overwhelmed by the Iranian propaganda onslaught in which many of the more deviant beliefs have been cleverly disguised.You must have heard about the new iranian movie “Muhammad”.

This book,”Devil’s Deception” clearly explains about the deviant sects in Islam categorised under different heading and presented in a beautiful Manner.This book will make you introspect and protect you from the Deception of Devil..You can get this book from Amazon or Darussalam Publications.

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