Juz Tabarak: Part 29 of the Qur’an

juz 29

This book is intended to help readers learn, memorize and understand Part 29 of the Qur’ n, conventionally known as Juz Tabarak. Readers who have finished Juz ‘Amma may advance to this book with the twin objectives of memorizing the s rah and understanding its message. Detailed explanations of the meanings of the surah will benefit readers of all age group and learning levels. The explanations contain additional literary notes in order to bring out the linguistic marvels of the Qur’ n. Readers with advanced learning skills will benefit from these notes. Readers who have advanced to this part of the Qur’ n are expected to have learned how to read the Arabic text. For this reason an English transliteration of the y t is not provided as this would be redundant for readers’ needs. Color-coded y t will facilitate recitation with proper tajweed. Explanations of the color codes are given. These codes are increasingly used by a large number of mushaf of the Quran. Each surah contains a short introduction, color-coded Arabic ayat, translation, detailed explanations, word-by-word meaning, application of the message of the surah and review questions.

List of Surah in Juz 29

Juz’ 29 from the Qur’an which takes in 11 Surah’s (67-77):

67. Al Mulk (The Kingdom)
68. Al Qalam (The Pen)
69. Al Haaqqa (The Inevitable)
70. Al Maarij (The Ascending Steps)
71. Nuh (Noah)
72. Al Jinn (The Jinn)
73. Al Muzzammil (The One Who is Covered Up)
74. Al Muddaththir (The Cloaked One)
75. Al Qiyama (The Resurrection)
76. Al Insan (Man), also known as Ad Dahr (Time)
77. Al Mursalat (The Winds Which Are Sent)


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