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Sufism Love And Wisdom

Sufism Love And Wisdom

“Sufism: Love and Wisdom” offers a profound exploration of one of the most vibrant and profound spiritual traditions within Islam. Often referred to as the heart of Islam, Sufism delves into the esoteric aspects of the faith, transmitting the science of Union—the state of transcending the subject/object polarity and residing in the eternal Presence of the Absolute.

Compiled in this volume are a series of beautifully crafted essays that delve into the core doctrines and methods of Sufism, focusing on what is termed as “Quintessential Sufism.” This essence of Sufism, as identified by Schuon, encapsulates the fundamental teachings and practices that animate authentic Sufi spirituality. The essays explore various aspects of Sufi doctrine and method, ranging from metaphysics and cosmology to the invocation of the Supreme Name of God and ceremonial Remembrance.

At a time when Muslims in the West are increasingly seeking solace and spiritual guidance amidst ideological turmoil, this volume serves as a beacon of wisdom and insight. It offers a pathway for individuals to reconnect with the spiritual tradition of Islam, transcending the superficialities of fanaticism and reclaiming the essence of the faith.

Key essays in the collection include Burckhardt’s “Sufi Doctrine and Method,” Nasr’s “The Spiritual Needs of Western Man and the Message of Sufism,” and Chodkiewicz’s “The Vision of God according to Ibn ‘Arabi,” among others. These essays provide profound insights into the core principles of Sufism, offering guidance for seekers on the spiritual path.

Overall, “Sufism: Love and Wisdom” is a treasure trove of spiritual wisdom and contemplation, inviting readers to explore the depths of Islamic spirituality. It serves as a reminder of the intrinsic beauty of the Truth that resides within the forms of Sufism and the saints who have illuminated this path throughout history. This volume is a must-read for anyone seeking to delve into the mystical dimensions of Islam and to cultivate a deeper understanding of the spiritual journey.