The Blessings of Allah Worksheet


Surah Rahman and Surah Nahl -Blessings of Allah Worksheet

Today the education system is so degraded that they teach all sort of wrong stuffs to the kids .A friend of mine showed my the school books of some western country where they had two Men as a couple.One was labelled father and the other Mother . If the children  learn things like this through School ,television and Social media very soon it will become a matter of great concern . If we don’t  teach our children the art of thinking islamically , how we expect them to learn ?

For this Reason , I used some Quranic Verses from Surah Rahman and Surah Nahl and made this activity worksheet.   Let your Child fall into remembrance every time he looks at the blessings of Allah around him .












Here is a  Sample Page :

The video below is a sample of only English reference .We have updated this Worksheet l by including the Quranic verses too .



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