99 Names of Allah Coloring Book

99names off allah coloring book

99 Names of Allah Color and Learn

99 Names of Allah Coloring Page
Teach your Child 99 Names of Allah swt in a fun Way.
Islamic Studies – Islam Muslim School Homeschool Colour.

More details:
99 Names of Allah coloring Worksheet has 99 Names of Allah swt. Total Number of Pages: 102
The Names are also written in English with their Meaning .

How to Use :
You can use Colors, glitters etc to fill the names of Allah.
You can Also use it as Flashcard to teach the Names of Allah swt to your Kids.
Ask your Child to color the Name and Read it out Loud.

How to Print

The Book can be printed in a Regular A4 size Paper.

Here are some Sample pages of the Worksheet:

99 names of Allah coloring book

99 names of Allah coloring book



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