New e-Bracelets soon for the Hajj Pilgrims

e bracelet for Hajis

                    TECHNOLOGY UPDATE




The ministry of Saudi Arabia aims to serve pilgrims and visitors of Makkah within in its utmost capacity. “The e-bracelet will be a technological revolution that will expedite many processes such as collecting statistics of pilgrims.”


  • the e-bracelet is water resistant and is to be worn by each pilgrim. “The e-bracelet has a barcode where all of the pilgrim’s information is stored.
  • The information stored includes address of residence in the Kingdom and full medical records. By scanning the barcodes, the ministry will be able to obtain all the information it needs.”
  • The e-bracelet will have services for pilgrims as well as a GPS system.
  • The e-bracelet will also have a prayer times alert, a compass pointing the pilgrims to where they should face when they pray, Haj and Umrah steps and supplications for both pilgrimages.”
  • The e-bracelet will be a technological revolution that will expedite many processes such as collecting statistics of pilgrims.”


  • The initial feasibility study into introducing the scheme is completed according to a source of government department.
  • “The project is now with the Ministry of Finance for a budgeting proposal. Once the Ministry of Finance and the higher authorities approve the project, the Ministry of Haj will immediately implement it.”

The introduction of e-bracelet has been applauded by the people in general but it has also put a fear in the mind of illegals.Yes,there are many illegals pilgrims performing hajj every year.according to a study,the illigal pilgrims in 2013 was  484,000  compared to 1.4 million in 2012.It could be a check to the illigal pilgrimage.

What do you think,how successful will be the e bracelet for the pilgrims and for the kingdom?Tell us in the comment box below.

Reference:Saudi Gagette




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