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Looking for  Eid Gifts for Men?

Are You looking for some good Eid gifts for your husband,father,brother or a Muslim Colleague ? Eid is for rejoicing and giving gifts on Eid is recommended as it strengthen ties and instills love . Although you can just give anything on Eid  but if you give him things that he would use for long or find it amazing it would make him beem with happiness Here are some great Eid gift Ideas for Men .

Wudhu Socks Waterproof Non Leather Khuffayn

eid gifts men

Doing Wudu in Workplace becomes difficult when you have to open your shoes and your socks and wash your feet and wear those socks again. With this Waterproof Socks you do not have to open your Socks to make wudhu. It is a khuff which is like a sock . If you have already done your wudu in home,you can just wipe over these socks.It is Light weight, comfortable, and has a professional look for the workplace .It is  Completely waterproof and has a highly breathable membrane interlining  .This Close fitting  socks  covers over the ankle length and Fits into a pair of normal shoes  outperforming  the standard leather prayer socks (khuffayn) .The company says that it is Physically tested and approved by Muslim scholars.You can get it at around $36

Tayammum Pad With Dust For Dry Ablution

eid gift men

This unique new product by Darussalam is an attempt to ease the problem of access to clean dirt when one can’t perform full wudu. This 12×10″ box contains 1″ soft pad filled with dust to be used when water is not available or when one is sick. It is ideal to take it with you on your journey in your car or on an airplane. You can give it to someone who is sick or in the hospital and unable to perform wudu with water.You can get it from Darussalam at around $7

Wudu Helper Ablution Water Carrier Bottle

eid gifts men

This Wudu Bottle is a very handy solution for your wudu .You can keep it folded in the bag when not in use . This 20 oz. bottle holds enough water to clean properly. You can get it around $10

Attar -Alcohol free Perfumes

eid gifts men

Attar has long been considered as one of the most treasured of material possessions and Prophet Muhammad (Sallahu alaihi wassalam)has stated Attar as one of the most beloved of gifts given to mankind.

Traditionally in the Eastern world, it was a customary practice of nobility to offer Attar to their guests at the time of their departure.Even Today, attar in beautiful Ittardan is a part of Eid decoration at homes. People offer their guests attar as a sign of love and brotherhood.

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Kufi Caps

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Embroidered kufi caps  looks nice . In Eid , Kufi caps sells a lots . And Caps are one of a must buy things in the Eid Shopping list of Men . If You are considering to gift something to a large number of People ,you can consider gifting them these caps.They will use this for years .This can be purchased at around $10

Black & White Middle Eastern Arab Kafiya

eid gift men

Keffiyah are worn by millions in the middle east. The Black Aqel is a  the black rope to tighten the kafiya on the head. You can see the Sheikhs of Arab wearing this Kefiyah . It is quite easy to wear and there are many you tube tutorials on wearing a kefiyah . It can be brought at around $24

Shemagh Head Neck Scarf

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The shemagh, also known as the keffiyeh or Arab scarf, is a simple yet efficient way to protect your face and neck from sun, wind and sand. It also works well as alternative winter headwear, particularly in areas with snow and strong winds. Although most are cotton, warmer, faster-drying cotton-wool blends are also available. Styles of wearing the shemagh vary, but wrapping the scarf around the head and face provides optimal protection from the elements. This can be brought at around at $12

Azan Clock

eid gifts men

This clock plays full Azan when it is time for Prayer .Has a Hijra & Gregorian Calendars .It shows the temerature of the room and you can put other alarm with an ability to Snooze . You can get it from Darussalam  at $40

Islamic Home Table Decor Kaba Replica Model Showpiece

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Mere the name of Kaaba fills a muslim with an awe . If you are trying to find a very unique gift for a religious person, consider gifting them this replica model of kaba .This replica is a  gold and black replica of the Kaba Features Arabic script engraving Black is velvet; gold is resin.It is  Accented in rhinestones Perfect to use as Muslim home decor on mantle or bookshelf. It is Available at $49 for purchasing and gifting from amazon.

Good Quality Turkish Prayer Rug

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Turkish Prayer rugs are well known for their Quality .This is one of the finest Quality Turkish prayer Rug .  It has Simple solid ivory center, with embroidered floral border,
Unique braided tassels; durable fabric backing . It is around $55 . Well, If You want to know more about the types of prayer Rug, You can Consider reading this article on Prayer Rug.

Gift Basket

eid gift men

If the Person you are gifting your Eid gift is very much found of food, you can consider gifting them this gift box .This elegantly presented gift box comes with a 15oz mug, a biscotti cookie, 5 blends of gourmet coffee and includes a BONUS set of 4 soft coasters. Coffee selection includes French Vanilla, Kenya AA, Decaf Colombian Supremo, Chocolate and Italian Roast Espresso, sure to please a variety of coffee connoisseurs. All packaged in our signature 9″ x 9″ x 4″ black box. Available at around $45


eid gift men

Watch are all Men’s Favourite. They never get tired of new Watches. Currently there is a sale on watches on Amazon .This one is available on Eid Offer . Original price $199 ,availale at around $29


Swiss Army Knife

eid gifts men

This is an essential tool for all Men . And You won’t find any Man not loving a Swiss army Knife . This Compact multitool is used for many purpose  .You can get it at around 29$

Fitness Wristband

Tablet Computer/Cell Phone Universal Mount Stand

eid gifts men

If you are looking for a gift for a Man who spends most of his time on Laptops ,computers and Mobiles, then this is an ideal gift for such Person. This is fully adjustable and can be fixed at any angle with a 360 degree rotation. It Fits most smartphones and tablets with diagonals up to 11″ including: iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, Amazon Kindle, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus and more; doesn’t fit devices over 11″ such as Surface Pro.It has two types of bases (separate products) to fit various use cases, perfect for office, kitchen, car, and bed. Its Price  is around $40 .See more Details here

Hands Free Flexible LED Light

eid gifts men

For a Book worm or for a Tech savy Person,this Wearable torch light is a good present . Hands Free Flexible Light can be Worn around the neck, made to Stand upright, and twisted around any object  is Ideal for work that requires hands free focused light. It is Super bright 3 white LEDs on Each Arm. Each arm has its own on off switch. Strong, easy-flex arms. Bend arms to desired shape. It can be purchased  Only at around 11.79$

Fitness tracker

eid gifts men

Sometimes gifts that the person needs the most are the best gift for that Person . For a  Perrson ,who needs to constantly keep a track of their blood pressure or heart rate,nothing can be a better gift than this cheap Smart Watch.This  IP67 Sweatproof Smart Band has Sleep Heart Rate Blood pressure monitoring blood oxygen monitoring Monitor Pedometer Bracelet for Android ios .It is only at around $36 .You can see more details here


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