Emerick Quran for Kids and Newbie ( Kid’s Quran Book Review)


Kids Quran by Yahya Emerick-The Meaning of the Holy Quran for School Children

Recently I Came Across a Kids Quran – The Meaning of the Holy Qur’an for School Children .It is a graphic-   intensive translation of the Qur’an tailored to the needs and interests of young readers.

The Meaning of Holy Quran by Emerick-Kids Quran

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  • The Meaning of the Holy Qur’an for School Children is a 828 Page Kids Quran which explains the Chapters of Holy quran in a very easy format.Or we can say that it teaches the Kids the Moral of the Chapter.
  • The entire Qur’an is translated into a child’s language level, with pictures and introductions to each surah, and explanations in sidebars of important concepts. Not just the stories of a few prophets, or just a chapter, but the entire Qur’an, 800 plus pages, translated into a child’s level.
  • One Very Interesting thing I found with the Book is that I never Knew that Quran is so systematically arranged.For Example It goes like this:
  1. The Opening

The 2 Bright Lights

2.The Cow

  1. The Family of Imran

The Law giving Chapters

3.The Woman

4.The Banquet Table

6.The Livestock

7.The Height

The Chapters of Struggle

8.The Spoils of War

9.The Repentance



Stories of the Past

26.The Poet

  1. The Ants

28.The Tales

29.The Spider

I Also Learned about the Family of  the Seven Ha Meems from This Book:They are Chapter 40-46 of the Qura And about the Rhythemic Chapters of Quran- Chapter 95-112

About the Author:

Yahiya Emerick is a Revert.He is the former President of the Islamic Foundation of North America, vice-principal at an Islamic school, and a Muslim author. He has written several articles and works of fiction that have been published in North America and abroad.

Inside the Book

  • Besides explaining the 114 chapters of  the Holy quran,It also has a timeline of Major events of Prophet Muhammad.
  • Names of Prophet in Arabic and English is also written in a beautiful and easy to learn Manner.
  • It also gives answers to some questions in a coloured Box as if it Knows that the Children May have asked about it if it was an Online Tutoring
  • Although it uses some graphics(sketches),the Purpose is to make the Student learn by a Visual Reminder and aruses more Interest.
  • There is an Introduction in a coloured Box at the Beginning of Each Chapter
  • Background info of Some texts are also included wherever necessary and it makes stuffs more Interesting for the students.

Emerick quran

Sample Pages of the Book :

My Recommendation

I Would Like to recommend this Book not only to the Kids but to any Person who hasn’t yet read the Translation of Quran.This Book has the Power to arouse Interest in the Poorest of students.The Language is easy and the Font is clear and is loaded with graphics to aid understanding. You May also like to read about a series of Book from Std 1 to 12 for Islamic Homeschooling . I found these series Very Useful .You can Read  about it Here

kids quran
Islamic Homeschool Series (1-12 )


The price of this Kids Quran is Nominal too.It Costs you only about 28 $ and I tell you it is worth every single Penny. And If You gift this book to anyone,they would thank You all their life.I am in so much Praise of this Book as I really like it and Would like to gift it myself to anyone who need to understand quran.

Details of the Book:

  • Paperback: 828 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 10, 2011)
  • Language: English

If You Want to Get this Book,You can get it- Via Amazon


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  1. Walekum Assalam .

    The Book gives no information of the tafsir used . However I have updated the Post with some sample Pages which can help you get an idea about this book. JaZak allah Khair.

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