Fasting can be better than medicine for healthsays nutritionist.

 Fasting is the most beneficial practice for our physical and mental well-being, says Nigel Calland, a nutritionist and life coach from the UK.

The health benefits of Ramadhan fast as compared to Dieting

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Fasting can be better than medicine for healthsays nutritionist. 10

“If you want to actually be healthy, well, hopefully, Insha’Allah, the doctors tell you to fast instead of giving you medication,” he told Arab News in an interview for the “Mayman Show” podcast.

Calland explained how fasting brings about significant changes in our bodies. During fasting, the body starts producing more growth hormones and cortisol, and the lack of food causes the body to use the bad cells as energy. The body operates most efficiently when subjected to a shock, which essentially triggers all the internal mechanisms geared toward survival, he said.

Fasting can be better than medicine for healthsays nutritionist.

Fasting can be better than medicine

He views it as a place where Islam and fitness can meet. This year also marks his inaugural participation in Ramadan, after he recently became a Muslim during a trip to Saudi Arabia. After reading the Qu’ran twice and feeling that he was on the right path, Calland expressed his desire to convert to a tour guide that he met in Riyadh. On that very day, the tour guide took him to the Al-Rajhi Mosque in Riyadh.

“I converted there with Abdulaziz, and he was such a gentleman, he explained everything in detail and actually it brought up a lot of emotion to me, to be honest. And yeah, to be involved in that was wonderful. And so now, I’m a Muslim,” he said.

He believes that Islam will guide him in staying on the right path. “A lot of people are far from the truth these days. And I feel like we’ve got to look a lot deeper inside … People, they look for satisfaction externally in an environment,” he said, adding, “until you break it down and understand yourself, then that’s when things come to light.”

Before becoming a personal trainer, Calland spent several years working as an engineer. This occupation required a lot of physical effort, involving heavy lifting, which proved to be beneficial for his fitness sessions. Using his muscles both inside and outside the gym inspired him to turn his passion into a business.

Fasting can be better than medicine for healthsays nutritionist. 11

Calland realized that psychology was a key factor in his domain. He views himself as a psychologist who emphasizes that health starts from within and the best way to improve it is by moving your body. “What people don’t know, the best antidote for depression is training, because even resistance training actually builds antidepressant mechanisms in the muscle, so it actually defends the body,” he said.

He criticizes modern practitioners, particularly in the Western world, for merely acting as drug suppliers who prescribe medication without providing holistic information. According to him, prevention is the solution, not just a temporary fix.

“If you’re moving your body, you’re feeling good … Get the body moving, there’s unlimited benefits.”

Calland places a significant emphasis on online training to maintain connections with clients worldwide, primarily in the Arab world. This is the reason he was in Saudi Arabia initially, having accepted an invitation from one of his clients. He saw it as a way to escape the hectic atmosphere of his daily work in Baker Street, London, which is always bustling. Calland said that he feels more at ease in Riyadh, thanks to the friendliness there, and believes that there is more time to treat people the way they want to be treated.

“It’s so beautiful to see the culture. People are just more happy, more focused. And the main thing I’m observing, because we’ve been on a few trips, is how well-behaved the children are. Everyone so calm and very well spoken,” he said.Fascinated by the culture, the people and the country itself, he hinted at making Riyadh his home base.

Reference- Arab News

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