Makkah to Madina Train tickets

Makkah-Madina train is Operational

Haramain High Speed Rail (HHR) is a 450 kilometers per hour electrified line that links Makkah to Madinah and passes through three stations: Jeddah, King Abdul Aziz International Airport, and King Abdullah Economic City in Rabigh.

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HHR has 35 trains each has 13 cars and 417 seats.

The project depends on 13 new technologies and is equipped to handle a temperature of 50°C which is the maximum heat rate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.​

Makkah to Madina high-speed train time

Al Haramain Express train connects Al-Haram Al-Makki with the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah through Jeddah, King Abdulaziz International Airport and King Abdullah Economic City in less than 150 minutes. The train speed is 300 km per hour.

Makkah to Madina train Train Schedule

Haramain Train from Makkah to Madina runs on four Days-Thursday,Friday,Saturday and Sunday. Below is the chart for arrival and Departure time of Haramain train.

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Haramain Train Schedule Makkah to Madina Train tickets

Payment Option:

You can  pay for your bookings online using Credit Card, Sadad OLP, or Sadad Bills The tickets can also be purchased from their station sales counters too.

Baggage Limit

One bag per passenger not exceeding overall dimension (65x55x35)​ cm, maximum 25 kgs.​

Option to Reserve a Private Coach for a Familyin Makkah to Madina train:

A full coach that combines luxury with comfort and privacy can be reserved. HHR also provides a special service for businessmen, where a dedicated train can be reserved.

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Service available at Waiting Period:

HHR is keen to provide the necessary services at its stations. These include:

  • Limousine cars.
  • A restaurant and prayer area.
  • Car parks charged by the hour.
  • Waiting lounges.
  • A gift and newspaper corner.
  • ATM.
  • A bookshop.

Can tickets be Updated or Refunded-

The ticket can be refunded or updated by from the website, mobile-apps and visiting any station.
Anytime before 24 hours prior to the trip departure, a 10% of its price will be deducted.
Between 24 hours and 5 minutes before departure 20% of its price will be deducted.
Before 5 minutes and after train departure, no refunds will be made.

How to Book train ticket from Makkah to Madina ?

You can make bookings using our iOS and android mobile apps, through web (, or by calling our IVR services 920008886 or at the station sales offices.

How will you get Ticket after Payment-

Post payment, you will receive an email with the E-Ticket attachment and an SMS with the Ticket numbers.​​​​​​

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Mecca to Madina train fare from Makkah to Madina in Haramain train

Makkah to Madina Train tickets
Makkah to Madina Train tickets

Facilities :

The railway line of the Al Haramain Expressway is 450 km long and includes a lounge for arrivals and departures, VIP lounges, a mosque, a civil defense center, a helipad, parking lots and waiting for passengers, parking spaces, cafeterias, restaurants and souks.

Available Classes Makkah to Madina Train:

The Al Haramain Express train consists of two levels

  • Business Class
  • Economy Class

Business Class: It is spacious with its spacious leather seats and provides audio and visual entertainment for business travelers

Economy Class: It features convenient practical seating for all categories

Others Terms & conditions of Haramain Railways-

  • The prices and conditions of the HHR tickets will be published in advance for the knowledge of the customers. HHR reserves the right to modify them at any time without prior notice.
  • Customers are responsible for ensuring they hold a valid ticket applicable for their entire journey for the day, time, train, route and class mentioned in the ticket, before boarding the train.
  • Passengers must ensure that all their details on the ticket are correct.
  • Customers must bring the valid ticket to travel and a personal identification document when traveling which will be presented at the request of the HHR staff.
  • Children under 12 years of age are not permitted to travel unless accompanied by an adult and shall always travel with a valid ticket.
  • For children under 2 years of age, they hold a valid ticket without seat assigned as they shall always travel with an adult and shall occupy the same seat as the adult.
  • In the interest of customer safety, children must be supervised at all times.
  • All tickets are non-transferable, and can only be used by the named person on the ticket.
  • The ticket offices will close 10 minutes before the stated departure time.
  • The boarding gates will close with the following time before the stated departure time:
  • Customers must sit in the coach and seat number allocated to them on their ticket through their entire journey.
  • Changes and cancellations conditions will be subject to the corresponding fare and detailed information about conditions will be at customer disposal.​
  • Customers are entitled to ask for a full ticket refund if the trip was cancelled by HHR and other options are refused.
  • HHR is not responsible for passenger compensation due to the late arrival of services due to circumstances outside of its control.
  • The miss or abandonment of the train at the departure station or during the trip, will invalidate the ticket and the passenger will not have right to any refund.
  • Tickets can be REFUNDED or UPDATED from “Manage Tickets” feature on the website and app, as per the below rules.
    • ​​ Upto 24 hours prior to the trip departure, a 10% of the ticket price shall be deducted.
    •  Less than 24 hours and 5 minutes before the train departure, 20% of the ticket price shall be deducted
    •  No refunds / updates are allowed before 5 minutes and after train departur
  • Gregorian’s dates are the official dates that will be used on all tickets.
  • Baggage will not be permitted on board HHR trains without a travelling customer.
  • Any passenger provided with a ticket may carry with him, under his custody and responsibility, in the places designated for that purpose, one piece of hand baggage and one piece limited to 25 Kg not exceeding 65 x 55 x 35 cm. (length-height-width).
  • Lost, forgotten or abandoned property and all those items of unknown origin which are found on-board the trains or at any railway facility, will be kept for a maximum period of 2 months.
  • It is strictly prohibited to smoke in all station facilities and inside the train coaches. Failure to comply can lead to penalties.
  • No customer will be allowed to enter the stations controlled area for boarding the trains without security checking.
  • Customer’s dress code on board HHR trains must be in accordance with the traditions of KSA.
  • All passengers bound for Makkah must have authorized access to the Haram area.
  • Food and beverages are not permitted to be brought on-board.
  • The transportation of animals is not permitted.

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